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Posting your post here, as you posted on an old post of mine. You will get better response.

Hi There! A close family member of mine just got diagnosed with esophagus cancer and underwent his first chemo treatment last weekend, I saw your post and you said that you've been taking probiotics throughout your chemo treatments and I'm wondering what kind of probiotics you took and where we could go about getting some? Any information you could help us out with would be much appreciated!!! Thank You So Much! Love Life! :)


you can get them at a drug store, or costco. I have not been consistent with them but my ONC said it was fine to take them. I will let others pipe in.


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    This was my Doc's advice on
    This was my Doc's advice on Probiotics. Ortho Molecular Products..Ortho Biotic. It has all 7 probiotics at 20Billion per pill. Most probiotics have 3 or 4 of the 7 Probiotics at 4 billion or less per pill. This has all 7 at high levels. Ortho Molecular is run by Doctors and is of very high quality.

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