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Astrocytoma grade 4 loving mother

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Hello everybody, I'm new to this but I wanted to share my story, my mother, who is 45 years old, was recently diagnosed with astrocytoma grade 4, she went through surgery about a month ago and they took out 90% of the tumor. She is now going through radiation therapy 5 days a week and the chemotherapy pill. She's had no nausea from the chemo and no other bad side effects, they recently took her blood and said her blood vitals are as healthy as someone who didn't have cancer, which apparently doesn't happen often and that most patients going through these types of therapy don't have the best blood vitals. They are giving her a new type of pill that they recently discovered so I'm hoping the tumor will eventually go away. The doctor said that it is very unlikely that the tumor will ever completely disappear but that she has to have 3 MRI's a year to further monitor the tumor. I've looked at mortality rates and they are extremely low, I'm only 17 and its been my mom and i living together since i was 4 ( parents are divorced) and going to college soon, I want my mom to live to see my children, she's my best friend and I couldn't even fathom the thought of living
Without her. Any words of wisdom? Stories?

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