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I get my ct's done on thursday, I am so scared. I have been NED for 17mhs since my surgery June 2009.(stage 3) From what I have heard yr 2-3 is where the most common time for it to re-occur. I don't have any symptoms, try to be positive, but I am terrified. Please keep me in your prayers this week. Thanks Petrina

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Hi Petrina,

I'm praying right now that your scan will continue to be all clear & for you to have the peace that surpasses all understanding and be able to relax while waiting for the scan and results.


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I will pray for it!
Cheer up!

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Kerry S
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Please don’t let the fear run your life. We all know that part of the monster and hate the SOB. Your body’s warriors need that fear energy to do their battle.


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Many sparks coming to you - and everyone. Try not to be scared. Easier said than done. I laid awake from 3:30 to 5:00 this morning just shaking and sweating. Said a little gratitude prayer when I got up.
Take care,

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My husband was diagnosed Jan. 2006 surgery 5/8/06. His followup pet scan is this Friday. He has been NED since his surgery (stage 3) I always get that terrified feeling around scan time. Keep the faith! He's been doing great for 4 1/2 years. I will be doing alot of praying this week.


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"From what I have heard yr 2-3 is where the most common time for
it to re-occur. I don't have any symptoms, try to be positive, but I am terrified. "

You're right, it does usually take around 2 years for the cancer cell to get
big enough to be identified, but let's face reality..... None of us had any
symptoms all that long before our diagnosis, anyway.

Cancer initially grows slowly; It's just one of our "normal" cells that's
managed to get damaged. Some of us have immune systems that have
ignored that odd cell, and allowed it to grow by it's own devices
(that's the real problem).

Did any of us truly fear cancer before our diagnosis? We all had it
growing inside us, but who of us had a fear that it was growing in there,
when no-one was aware that it was?

You should take that concept, and remember that worrying about
what you don't know about, is just a waste of your time and energy.

Worry about how to keep what you do have - Your health, your
finances, your loved ones... Put the attention on the "here and now",
and only worry about what to do about cancer when there's an
absolute reason to worry about it.

You may never have a problem with cancer again... Your immune
system might have become aware of the cancer cells presence, and
is now taking care of the problem for you!

Don't allow yourself to be consumed with fear of the unknown.

"Thinking positive" doesn't help "cure" anything, but it does help
us to get through the day without going crazy!

-You- are going to do fine.

Happy health thoughts!


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I know it is difficult waiting when you fear a recurrance, but if we give into that fear, we lose. If we feared every bad thing that MIGHT or COULD happen to us, we would never move.

I know it is easier to say than to do, but try to fill your mind with good things.

Prayers that you can find some peace of mind while waiting for scans and results, and many more that the scans are clear.


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You definitely have my prayers and best wishes for your scans. I know how the time before can be so anxiety ridden and you have my sympathies. Not having any symptoms is a very good thing and being NED for 17 months is a great thing! Do your best to remain positive and try to keep busy so that the negative thoughts don't hsve time to interfer. I hope you don't have long to wait between the scans and the results. HUGS!!!!

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Petrina,prayer's for you..... Stay positive.


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I pray for strength and comfort in the days ahead as you anticipate good/bad news from this scan. I pray that you are able to enjoy the days ahead and continue to strengthen your body on this journey.

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As hard as it is to do, just try and put it out of your mind. I know how you feel though. I'm waiting on my scan results myself right now. I think John brings up a valid point, how much did we all worry about cancer before we new we had it. The energy is better spent concentrating on all the blessings we do have. I for one am glad to be watching things grow from the top side instead of the root side. Been really enjoying some fantastic sunrises lately also.I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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You will be in my prayers starting now. Think happy thoughts. Hugs, Joyce

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80% of reoccurences happen within 18 months to 2 years after dx. Years 3-5, 19% and after 5 years only 1% (of your original % chances).

Praying for great news and peace of heart while you wait for the results.

** Most recurrences (80%) occur within 2 years of surgical resection. Local recurrence at the surgical site accounts for 19%–48% of recurrences, whereas distant metastases account for 25%–44%. Multiple sites of recurrence are more common than single-site disease. Both local recurrences and distant recurrences are more likely with rectal tumors than with colonic tumors.

Patients with stage III colon cancer diagnosed in 2006 who receive folinic acid with infusion fluorouracil and oxaliplatin (FOLFOX) chemotherapy after optimal surgery have a 75% likelihood that they will be disease free at 3 years, and most will be cured of their disease. (Mayo Clinic)

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Reading material:

Hold the Mayo

It's fun to read the "bottom lines"; bewildering, and possibly confusing....?

There should be attention to the sections and paragraphs that explain the
results of "surgery alone" vs "surgery plus chemicals", and the not-so-remarkable
percentages between the two.... especially when one considers the risks of
neurological problems and second cancers from treatment.

Oh well...

May we all be well!


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Don't be scared,I have been NED for 2 1/2 years,have had 2 ct scans this year,saw the oncologist last week,and everthing is still clear.I had cancer for 2 to 3 years before I went and got checked.I have a permananent colostomy bag because I waited too long.No one to blame but myself.But one thing I have learned is that everyone is differnt,and now they have even more improved medicine.I try not to worry,and sometimes it's hard but it gets easier with practice.Good luck,and I will pray for you,I hope you are fine.

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Prayers on the way for a clear scan. It can be so hard just waiting for the news of the scan. Try to keep busy to take your mind off it - harder done then said. Good luck.


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I can understand your fear. I will be praying that you can have peace this week and an all clear!! I hope you can breathe easier and enjoy years and years of NED.


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Petrina, I will pray for your peace as well as a successful scan. Take a deep breath! You are in lots of people's prayers. Jean

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We will be praying for you this week.
Linda and Ellie

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I am thinking of you and hope your scan continues to show NED for you. I think almost everyone is nervous about any upcoming scans. The good news ia you have no symptoms. Good luck! Please let us know how it goes.

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I'm praying for you!


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Nana b
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No Stress....just rest up and stay/keep healthy!

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Thanks guys, your supporitive words are overwhelming. I can't wait for this week to be over.. I will keep you updated... God Bless

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I am praying with you for a clear scan Petrina and for that peace while you wait to hear. April

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Ben Carroll Good life
on youtube
tootsie1 sent this suggestion to listen to this song. I just listened 3 times and loved it. Very soothing.

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Nana2, You really blessed me this morning! I went to you tube and listened to the song.
How beautiful! I start chemo tomorrow and that song really calmed me down. I will keep listening to it.
Thanks, Diane

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I wanted to rip my last ct test open. I felt sick wondering about it. I vividly remember leaving the imaging clinic. Opening the door, walking, feeling scared. I thought I was the only one. I was clutching the big sealed white envelope. Was my fate and life going to be determined by the test result ?

Luckily I get easily distracted. Maybe I saw a beautiful woman or a friend called me. But this strange near fear disappeared as unexpectedly as it came. I was happy to see it go.

I had to acknowledge I was real scared and at the same time now know more clearly that FEAR in itself is really unhealthy. Lookup stress and your immune system. I try and keep positive pleasant thoughts in my head, all negative thoughts put them in mental trash can. Empty it straight away. I am a struggling Christian buddist so I also put impure thoughts in my mental trash can. I am always putting the rubbish out.

Life is for living, don't let fear waste a second of each precious day. God bless you.

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My prayers are with you and GOD truly answers all of them. I believe that you will be fine and will be able to speak of your healing and joy to others. Keep smiling and have a great day and a great life.

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