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Karen--another question for you about platelets

hopeful girl 1
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Hi there and happy holidays!

I recall that you mentioned your platelets went as low as 23,000 (I think I am remembering that correctly)after your 5th chemo, and that you stopped after the 5th chemo because of the drop in counts as per your doctor's recommendations.

Well, as I have posted, I am dealing with the very low counts after my 6th chemo.

Can you tell me, how long your platelets hung around the area of 23,000 and how long it took to go up to a more reasonable, and then closer to normal level? How often were you sent for blood tests until the counts recovered?

My last test on Wednesday, was 21,000, and they are having me come back on Monday for another bloodtest so I am really nervous, if I have dropped any further, or if Icould be close to 10,000 (which requires transfusion) by now. They keep telling me I should start to recover, and they are hopeful I will not need a transfusion, but yet my history shows after the 4th chemo, I kept dropping and didn't recover until the 5th week's bloodtest that time.

I know all of our bodies react differently, but just looking for some insight into your experience.

Also, as you are doing so well in NED, can you tell me what your habits are-eating, exercise, what you do to relax or how your days are filled to help give us all inspiration as to how to stay healthy and strong? :)

Wish me luck on Monday!



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Hi Cindy

I read your other post that your platelets are coming back....that was a big jump and I am confident that you are on the road to good counts again.

I can't remember exactly when my counts started coming up....think it was a couple of weeks at least. Once they saw the trend the didn't do any more tests until my 3 month check up....so I am not exactly sure how long it took before I reached the normal limits. I was confident that they would head in the right direction and so was my Dr.

You asked what my "stay healthy" plan is. I do a restorative Yoga class every week, do a Stretch and Strengthen class twice a week. I was walking but after two nasty tumbles, one resulting in a broken ankle and one in a messed up arm, I am a bit shy about that. SO, next week I start at the gym with the treadmill and recumbant bicycle to try to get more aroebic activity and be in a safe environment in case I fall. Winters in Kansas can be treacherous!

I try to eat healthy....the usual...no fried food, no prepared foods, organic when I can afford it and it makes sense, more vegetarian meals and have really cut back on meat. More green tea, ginger and turmeric (thanks to Claudia)!! I make time for my friends, go out to lunch, volunteer, look at things in a positive way and maintain my sense of humor. I try to not obsess about every ache or pain that I have, although that is not always easy! I am enjoying life!

Hope your counts keep improving!!


hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010


Thank you for the encouraging words....

I go for another bloodtest next week, to make sure the trend continues upward. My oncologist is going to release me restrictions when counts return to a reasonably normal level.

I still feel kind of tired out. Could that be from the platelets do you think? It probably takes a lot of the body's energy to rebuild when counts are so low, and my body ended the 6th chemo with ALL of the different blood counts low. Last week I stopped riding the recumbant/stationary bike (I was doing 30 minutes a day) and am waiting for the platelets to come up a bit more before I do that again as I wasn't feeling well last week, and thought perhaps that was part of it. And also Susafina posted to me that her medical team said no exercise if platelets are under 50,000.

I love to hear the routines and tips from those who have completed treatment. I think when my counts improve a bit more, I will look into yoga. Is green tea supposed to be going for preventing cancer? It sounds like you are really enjoying yourself and have a great positive attitude!!!

May I ask what your medical team does at your follow ups and how often you go? Are any scans included or do they monitor CA125?

Have a great day! Hugs!


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