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Scan results -- good and bad

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Well, I just got the results of my MRI bone scan yesterday. I have multiple bone mets. Been on chemo (FOLFIRI + Avastin + Zometa -- for strengthening the bones). PET scan after 4 cycles showed shrinkage, MRI after 4 more showed some not visible. But this scan (now after 12 cycles) showed no change in the bone mets (size, number). Sigh. So, my onc wants me to carry on with the chemo. Have already done 12, he thinks he'll ask me to do a total of 20-24. He has one patient who has done 26 on this cycle. I'm slightly discouraged....

But here's the good news! ("always look on the bright side of life ta da, ta da ta da ta da"). Stable is good! And, my CEA dropped a little (after stubornly hanging at around 18, it's now down to 10). And my onc says bone mets often take longer to respond. A PET scan might have shown decreased metabolic uptake. (He doesn't want me to have too many PETs -- will after next 4 cycles again, I guess).And, most importantly, I am really tolerating this regime well. Moderate hand-foot problems, some fatigue....that acute diarrhea stuff stopped (he decreased my dose then increased again -- never recurred - weird). And, he discussed other options for if/when the chemo is intolerable or not working so well. (radiation).

I can keep doing this.

Started wearing wig a couple of weeks ago. Difficult at first but OK now. Everyone telling me I look younger -- ! Not worth doing chemo for that, but a nice "side effect"- !!

I took a trip last week -- for the first time in months. Yea, that felt great.


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Sounds like you are more stable than growing so that is good. And great that you are tolerating this chemo well. It just might take a while for it still to kick in and glad that you are confident. Best of luck and thanks for the update.


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Dang those bone mets! I'm happy to hear that the chemo has been tolerable though. that's a really good thing. especially with the diarrhea stopped.

Funny some of the side effects of cancer and chemo ... darn if I didn't lose those last 8-10 pounds I had been trying to lose for months. Of course, I lost way more than that but, the cancer weight loss program doesn't follow the rules. And you look younger! whoa can't argue with that. Sometimes we just have to keep a sense of humor and look for the bright side.

Sorry the scans weren't the greatest but, Congratulations on you CEA coming down. That's always a good thing. HUGS

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Hi Tara,

Well, darn- those bone mets are tough, I guess. As you said, some good news- stable is good and your CEA is down some. I know it's lousy, but keep strong- you can do this.
Hugs to you, my dear-

Lisa :)

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Just have a big Hug!

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I'm glad your tolerating the chemo so well, though. I hope you are able to get your brain wrapped around this news and come back fighting. The best thing about wigs is you can try new colors and styles! I discovered how much i like my hair red when I got so many compliments on the red wig! I had one brunette, one with red tint. I got a blonde one as well, that was a bomb; I wound up giving it to a friend and it really worked well for her, apparently she died her hair blonde sometimes! I also used the hair pieces that you wear under hats a lot, that gave me a feeling of hair without the hot sweaty itchiness of a full wig! Glad you enjoyed your trip, whatever helps us to feel a little normal! Yey! You CAN keep doing this!

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Stable is good, and good leads to great....praying for you...


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I know it's not the best...but, well, you are one of the strongest people I know, and I am proud of you!

As far as the wig...well, I think that ANYTHING that makes us look younger is good...lol...chemo brought my acne back....ROFL! Also, I always pick my men based on them making ME look younger...LMAO!!!....my beau was horrified, right after he had gone completely white headed, when someone turned to ME and said (In reference to him) "So, does your father want some more tea?".....ROFLMAO!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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crappy mean dirty bone mets....be gone!!! sorry hon but stable is good.... and glad you had a trip.

keep up the excellent fight girlfriend


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I wish those frickin mets were gone, but stable is good + so is a declining CEA. Here's to the next few chemo rounds dessimating those stubborn mets1 I am glad the wigs are working for you!

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Hi, Tara.

I'm sorry about the bone mets, but you sound like you have it under control. Your attitude is amazing!

Praying good results come your way.


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