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Annette 11
Posts: 378
Joined: Sep 2010

I wonder how many ladies (my age 63) see more wrinkles after chemo or radiation. I am noticing a change in my skin on my face.
Survey time: What brand FACE moisture creams does everyone use and like? Oil of Oley? etc.??

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Before chemo I was very oily, now I'm very dry. I've used Mary Kay products for 15 years and now love the Intense Moisturing Cream and the Advanced Moisture Treatment.

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Joined: Jun 2009

Im 43 but I have noticed more wrinkles in my hands, arms, neck, and around my eyes. My mom thinks Im crazy saying Im not wrinkled at all but I see it.

Im a Oil of O'Lay fan :)

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Over most of my body, my skin has become more dry since beginning Arimidex. My face is still a combination of oily and dry. I have been using Perlier Black Rice Face cream at night.

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My skin has become very dry i can feel it when i wash it but no wrinkles i use olay complete ,I turned 50 in october. MollyZ

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Joined: Nov 2010

I have always had an oily face, but now it is dry, to the point of flaking.. have never before used any moisturizer because it seemed to make matters worse, but now I'm using a Mary Kay product, Time Wise, night time. It seems to help. My hands are also peeling, trying different stuff for that, any suggestions?


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After Chemo, I looked that I aged about 5 years. I'm sure it's all tied with early menopause brought on by Chemo...yuck!

Posts: 395
Joined: Jun 2010

I'm 51 now, finished chemo this time last year, and I think 5 yrs. is about right for me too. I completely menopause during chemo and think that has a lot to do with it. God bless...alison

Jean T. Szabo
Posts: 193
Joined: Sep 2010

Am 63 also. Had very clear, smooth skin before Chemo. Noticing around wrinkles now around the eyes. Am going to Look Good Feel Better workshop ... free and offered by the American Cancer Society in a few weeks, if I feel up to it. Chemot #3 on Tuesday, accepting prayers for no bad side effects.

faith_trust_and_a_little_bit_of_chemotherapy's picture
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Let's stop the myth that women get wrinkles and men have character lines!

Sheesh, and after all we've been through. OK, I admit I did not burn my bras during the women's liberation movement. Of course they were only an 'A' cup in those days, and Lord knows they wouldn't have fueled much of a flame. The fact remains we have put our bodies through Hell. My face was honestly gray and ashy, no color whatsoever, days after my first chemo, and that was quite frightening for my daughter.

5 months later I will say my complexion is much better, the color has returned and my daughter even says the naughty twinkle is back in my eye. That might just be because I changed all her adolescent music settings on the radio to one Christmas station.

Joy to the world!

Oh, and Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion applied to a freshly cleansed face.

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Joined: Oct 2009

I love all Clinique products!

Posts: 2515
Joined: May 2009

I have to say, I noticed just the opposite!! I was 58 going through treatment last year.....I actually saw a DECREASE in the small wrinkles around my eyes.....At first I thought it was just my imagination, but honestly it wasn't........what I did notice after chemo is that every freckle, mole, age spot became much darker and they have stayed this way 15 months after all treatment has ended. Also I found that chemo seemed to affect the left side of my body (they could only use my left arm) more than the right.......the veins they used darkened in that arm, I lost all my eyelashes on the left eye, not the right and my left eyebrow thinned more than the right...I lost my hair on the left side of my head first......go figure!

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Joined: Sep 2013

Its amazing, looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. I'll bookmark your blog and visit it weekly for your new posts. 



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I am 46. Since chemo I do have more dry skin than before (as well as more "natural highlights" in my hair). The hair grew back in thinner than before on all areas (head, arms, legs, eyelashes...). I use a generic brand of body lotion, but I occasionally put vaseline petroleum jelly on my hands when I sleep because they get dry and the skin on the knuckles cracks. Put the vaseline on and sleep with gloves on (or socks on your feet if they need it). The next day the skin is soft and comfy again. It's messy, but inexpensive and effective.

Take care, seof

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Double Whammy
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Joined: Jun 2010

I'm 63, too. I don't think I looked 63 before chemo. Maybe I'm just kidding myself, but I really do think I aged at least 6-7 years on chemo, primarily around my eyes. I have bags I didn't have, and notice more wrinkles around my eyes, especially when I put make up on because it has a hard time getting in the "grooves".
I use Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intense Lifting Cream along with Advanced Night Repair. I used to think they were fabulous. Not so much these days.
Interestingly, the rest of my skin feels quite silky and smooth and does not require much in the way of lotions. I also admit that the no hair thing emphasizes facial features and flaws quite a bit.

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Christmas Girl
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Joined: Apr 2009

Back then, could pass for 10 years younger. Now, I think I look (and certainly feel) 10 years older than my age - 52. Nevertheless, am grateful to be here. :-)

Yes, cancer treatment saves our lives; but, is very hard on the body - in many ways. Up until only several years ago - the vast majority of R&D was focused on finding a true "cure" - which, so far, has remained elusive. Currently, R&D efforts are being spent on a 3-pronged approach: cure, prevention, and better/more effective/less invasive treatments.

Kind regards, Susan

Lighthouse_7's picture
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Joined: Jan 2010

I am 56 now after completing chemo and rads, and I think 5 years older is about right. My neck is where I see the most wrinkles, yuk!
It does age you, but I guess it's just another one of the things that this beast throws at us. We are alive and that is the important thing.
I use Oil of Olay on face and a good lotion all around the neck area.

Annette 11
Posts: 378
Joined: Sep 2010

Suzanne, That's true without hair I do think the wrinkles stand out more but chemo has created more. But at least we are here. :)
Thanks for everyones input. I do need new face cream.

Posts: 234
Joined: Mar 2010

I would say that my skin has changed a good bit after treatments..But its hard to see with all the facial hair that came too...lol I love dermalogica products.....Remember it is still a good idea to drink lots of water my pink warrior friends.....

cahjah75's picture
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Joined: Jun 2010

I'm 61 and still in treatment. Have 1 more chemo to go. I haven't noticed any change in my skin on my face. I use Oil of Olay Regenerist moisturizer and the products that Ellen advertizes. I seldom wear makeup but did go to to the Look Good, Feel Better class that ACS offered. I usually wear moisturizer both day and night.
{{hugs}} Char

Posts: 1522
Joined: Jan 2010

L'Oreal Paris Advanced RevitaLift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair Night Creme - is that a mouthful or what? Anyway, I like it. Also, the Olay Pro-X eye stuff. For cleansing, the Olay Microdermabrasion kit. Not really cheap, but the stuff lasts and I do see a difference.

Probably drinking water and any moisturizer will do, it's just the advertising we fall for!


HillBillyNana's picture
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I was 58 at diagnosis, and 65 now. I use Pond's cold cream to clean my face. Put it on and wash it off with a warm wash cloth. I am much more careful with my skin now, because I do believe the chemo aged me - not only in looks - also in my physical abilities. I have more wrinkles. But then it has been 7 years since i was diagnosed. Age 'naturally' takes its toll. I use Mary Kay concealer to even out my skin tones. Then mineral powder for color - I love Mary Kay. My moisturizer is Oil of Olay Complete for daytime and I use a skin firming cream from Aveeno for night time. I know some like to stick to one product line and maybe I would be better off to do the same. But when I buy a jar of cream I can't bear to waste it - so I use it unless it is just totally unsuitable. I am happy to be here to tell the story of my bc and the treatment. The wrinkles and body stiffness are just the scars of the battle. I do wish I had paid more attention to skin care when I was younger.

Eil4186's picture
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I was 42 at diagnosis and looked younger according to others. Weirdly, during chemo my skin looked super clear and soft. People kept commenting about it.

I haven't noticed a big difference since treatment but I do take good care of my skin in an effort to make up for lots of neglect in my teens and 20s.

I use Obagi 20% C professional serum every day to fight free radicals. I also use prescription retin A cream 3 nights a week to exfoliate and stimulate collagen growth.

I use Olay total effects night cream and Aveeno daily moisturizer. I use Neutrogena 100% SPF sun block 365 days a year on my face and neck as per my dermatologist. Sun is responsible for 80% of wrinkling and is damaging all year round.

sea60's picture
Posts: 2618
Joined: May 2010

my skin was also super clear. Chemo kills off any bacteria and that includes your face that can harbor acne and any bacterial skin condition. It was about a year after Chemo that I really started seeing my overall skin change.

Hopefully, you won't see a difference!

kamcat1962's picture
Posts: 40
Joined: Mar 2013

I was diagnosed at 47 and had always battled with oily skin and even occasional bouts of acne. During my first chemo my skin and nails were better than they had ever been in my life. I even started getting manicures and pedicures. My hair even grew back so nice. I reoccurred June 2012, 3 1/2 years after dx and boy I did it good. I went from TN to HER2 positive, I was resistant to all the estrogen positive chemo's and my skin was terrible. I also had a pain pump implanted and it flipped over 2x, plus my cancer mets to my skin and it was too close to the pump site so they had to take it out and reinsert it at another site. I also had radiation at the same site as the first time so the skin on my breast was toast. All they kept telling me to use was Aquaphor, Aquaphor, Aquaphor.  I ruined so many clothes and bed linens. I had to wear men's t-shirts under all my clothes.  I was very, very uncomfortable and extremely frustrated. I didn't want to buy alot of products and then have to throw them away because of irritation or infection. (the skin lesions sometimes rupture and ooze, yeah it's a real blast) However, I was lucky enough to find an all natural product that is homemade by a woman in MN. I can only tell you what it has done for me. This is not a promotion but I can tell you how to get some if you want it.  It has olive oil (moisterizer), calendula petals (healing property), lavender oil (anti-bacterial, antiseptic, natural fragrance-very subtle), bees wax (sealer).  I saw a difference in my poor radiated, cancer infested, sore, ugly skin in 2 days!  Within two weeks the redness and tightness from being dry was pretty much gone. I love the stuff. I use it on my feet, hands, incision sites, belly button(no kidding).  I however will not give up my Oil of Olay for my face.  Been using it since I was 19, that and Dove bar soap.  If you have really bad calloused skin build-up on your feet(heels)here's a tip from my foot dr.  Rub shortening all over your feet, put a plastic bag over your foot (I use Baggies brand but some dollar stores carry them too)and then a pair of fleece socks (the type they have with the aloe vera in them). Then go to sleep and let the magic begiN!!!! He claims you should do it at least once a week. When I was on Xeloda I had to do it 2x a week.  That chemo dried my skin out so bad and it didn't do a thing for my cancer except let it spread. Well that's all the beauty tips I have except that it is beautiful to be alive! Prayers and hugs to all. Bless you, Cathy K.

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Dawnie Girl
Posts: 1
Joined: Sep 2017

Hi Kamcat,

I know it was a 2013 post you made that referred to an all natural skin cream made by a lady in MN you'd found to use that helped wit radiation burns, but am facing radiation after surgery this Friday, and two more chemo treatments.  If you've got any other updated preferences I'd greatly appreciate you sharing.  My enital search had been for insights for facial skin damage. I'm getting a strong combination every 3 weeks (for a total of 6) and the skin on my face as developed TONS of superfine lines between lower lid and cheeks... can't believe how much my face has aged in the last 2 months!  Thanks so much for any insights, I greatly appreciate your help!


LouisaP's picture
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Joined: Feb 2015

I'm 60. Was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. I also had a hysterectomy this year. I'm on Tamoxifen. I'm the opposite. My face is very oily & greasy even. I use my regular moisturizer, L'Oreal, but my face gets so oily. Plus all these hot flashes make me sweaty all the time so my skin is always greasy looking. Coconut oil is what I used when my skin was so dry from chemo & radiation. My eyes are always puffy. I have aged a lot. I'm just more old & worn out looking. I used a cream that the radiation office gave us. It's not natural though. Has lubricating stuff in it. Medline Remedy Olivamine. You need something that's highly lubricating, this has dimethicone & something else. And aloe & other healing ingredients. Plus long lasting moisturinzers. I used this every few hours starting immediatly after radiation. I alternated it with coconut oil every few hours day & night even when I woke up in the middle of the night I'd put it on. You'll probably peel. If you have any open areas get Silvadene or generic & put on right away. Any open areas will get worse if you don't. It will be over before you know it lol. Probably not what you want to hear but you will get through it. I have super light, sun sensitive skin but it held up better than I thought. I only had a couple small open areas that healed well & didn't scar. I still have a semi permanent tan in the area but it's lightening. Cool

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