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Doctor says probably lymphoma. PLEASE HELP AND RESPOND!!!!

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I am 20 years old and have had a swollen lymph node in my groin are for at least 5 months. I also have a swollen lymph node on the back of my neck which has been there for years. These nodes are hard and fixed they never get smaller or go away. I have horrible night sweats to the point where I wake up and my sheets are soaked. I also itch so bad that I scratch until I break the skin. I am extremely tired all the time, no matter how long I sleep I never feel rested. I rarely feel like eating. I wasn't even able to eat on Turkey Day (so unlike me). I also have a hard time fighting off infections that I have had in the past.

I went to the doctors about 2 weeks ago and she was concerned about lymphoma and sent me for an ultrasound on the node in my groin area. I also had blood work done which came back fine so no sign of any infection. Her assistant called me the day before Thanksgiving and informed me that my results were in but she didn't want to tell me the results over the phone and would rather discuss it in person. This has terrified me, as I'm sure you can imagine. I do think I have lymphoma based on my symptoms and the way I feel, but I am very hopeful that even if it is lymphoma that I am strong enough to pull through!

PLEASE respond and give me any information you may have. Could you also let me know how you came to get diagnosed and what your signs and symptoms were?

Thank you for your time! I hope all is well for everybody!!


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ashley my daughter had those symtoms and was diagnosed with lymphoma a couple of months ago, the good news is that most lymphoma are very fixable so I wouldn't worry youself so bad. It is very scary but it is a proven that extreme worry and negative thinking can slow the healing process. My daughters name is ashton and although she is still being treated she still makes time for being with her friends, which is what she is doing tonight. Also because of your age you will heal alot faster than older people so hang in there and be positive. you will be fine.

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I really appreciate you feedback. I have come to terms with the fact that it is a very good chance that I have lymphoma. I am very hopeful that if I do have this that I will have a good outcome. I think I am just anxious in this waiting process. If I do have lymphoma which I believe I do which is sad to say but it would explain all of my symptoms which the worse which is the fatigue is really frustrating because I have a 6 year old son and I don't even have the energy to get out of bed and do things with him like we used to. I am hoping that this diagnosis process moves along quickly so I can start getting treatment and get rid of this thing (whatever it may be). Thank you so much for responding I am hoping to hear from a lot of other people too! Every little bit of information helps!

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Waiting is the toughest part! This is a very treatable type of cancer. I just finished my treatments for B cell lymphoma, and I'm currently in remission. Treatment has come a long way. There are plenty of great people on this site that will be able to provide some comfort and insight to what ever you have. Hopefully nothing!!! LOL....... Good luck Vinny

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I had the same symptoms Ashley, 21 years ago. I felt so much better after my treatments for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Hope this gives you some comfort while you are waiting. Waiting is the hardest part. Try not to google for more info, sometimes this increases anxiety, needlessly...Hang in there!

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I had the same thing about 9 months ago. And it was lymphoma, B-cell slow grade.
Stage 2 was the dx. Now im cancer free. After 21 rads to two areas.
The best thing is not to get upset. It lowers you immune system.
I have learned allot from my family here. Stay away from the internet.

The Doc's say it the preffered cancer to have.

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Ashley....I had/have Foliccular NHL. I had found a lump on my neck. Lymphnode....had it taken out and biopsied...came back positive. I had night sweats also....but other that that I felt fine. I'm a year in remission and if there is anything I can do to help...just holler. It will be a hard journey but well worth the fight....you'll be fine.


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I went to the doctors today and she said that my ultrasound showed an enlarged lymph node but since my blood work was normal she isn't going to biopsy the node in my groin. Should I get a second opinion or just leave it alone????

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I agree with John full heartedly. Get a 2nd, and if necessary a 3rd opinion. This is not something to ignore. Swollen nodes are not always cancer, but it's better to be safe than sorry. The sooner you know, then the sooner you can move on from this or deal with it. Please let us know what you decide to do. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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I'll be the third one to say you MUST see another Dr., a Cancer Center, etc. for a second opinion RIGHT AWAY. You have every symptom of Lymphoma and do not depend on just one Dr. for a diagnosis. Your life is at stake - please do it soon and keep us informed - we care. Fran

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Please get a second opinion! I had a swollen lymph node on my neck and had lots of symptoms such as fatigue, night sweats, and itchy skin. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Stage 3B, but am now in remission. When they originally did my bloodwork, it all looked normal. Boy am I glad my doc did a biopsy! Get that second opinion, it can't hurt. And like always, the sooner you get diagnosed, the better. BUt hopefully it is just nothing!

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You are your best advocate. I agree, get another opinion. I had nightsweats and weight loss and nodes in the groin.

Don't wait. And I agree, stay off the internet searching!


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Yes, go to someone else! They said the same with my mom, all the tests (CT, MRI,bloodwork) came back normal and they said maybe a needle biopsy, whenever... we went to a 2nd and 3rd opinion and decided to take it out completely due to the size (3.6 cm) and it came back as FNHL grade 3A. I know waiting and going through the tests is really hard, but you have to do it! Good luck!

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I'm throwing my hat into the ring on that one....by all means get a second. I did. And what it did was to tell me that the diagnosis was right...but he wanted to do the wait and see treatment. I opted to go after it.


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By the way.....the very FIRST thing they did was biopsy my lymphnode. That is the only way they can tell. Please see another.

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No matter what the case may be. always get a second opinion.

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Get a second opinion. I had HL and my blood work came back fine so I really get a second opinion.

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I am not a Doctor but I am a person that research and pray for answers and the holy spirit always gives me the answer. Well, my husband was diagnosed with Hodgkins Non Lymphoma in 1993 and under gone radiation and chemo treatments but have been in remission, in that time period we converted our home over to all natural products and taken the harsh chemical and toxins out, because it is fact that these household products are destroying our bodies, however in 2008 he started back with the night sweats,mood swings,feeling fatigue, so after going to the doctor, they noticed that he has another lump growing in the same area as before, so we prayed and asked the holy spirit to intervene, apparently the radiation and chemo treatments from the cancer before destroyed some of his good cells as well as the bad, which still left room for disease and infection to set up. So what I did I researched and got him on a natural vitamin supplement that is the best in North American with an absorption rate of 85% compared to GNC, Vitamin World, Centrum, One a day at 3-7% so his body is getting the highest rate to recover and restore the immune system which has turned his whole system back to normal, the doctor didn't know what to do, because the before MRI and scans showed one thing and after showed nothing, at first they wanted to put him on all of the prescription and I said no because one side effects will affect the body and then the doctor gives something else to combat that side effects and more your body become immune to free radicals which destroys your body and break down our system so that all of these diseases and inflamation of pain can take over our bodies, so we have boost his immune system and he is doing great.

I have a friend that was recently diagnosed with throat cancer and they give him alot of prescriptions to take along with radiation and chemo, however, his wife got him the vitamin supplement that my husband is taking and a few days ago, the doctors took him off the radiation and chemo, he was suppose to have many more treatments but the doctor said his immune system was healing faster than normal and we can only thank God for the supplement line.

I was diagnosed last year in September with Fibroids and they wanted me to have a hysterectomy but I started drinking alkaline water along with increasing my intake of my vitamin supplements and after about 3 months, went back and nothing was found, our bodies are like vehicles but we only have one body, our bodies will restore itself but there are certain things we must do to protect and provide nornishment for it to restore properly.

We are claiming victory for a great outcome with the doctor. Help is here for you, so just reach out. If you need the name and information just email me at welagoldinfo@yahoo.com

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