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Today was an emotional day!

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To all my CSN friends,
Well, made it through the 1st Thanksgiving without my husband, Tom. This morning when I woke up I had a peaceful feeling and thought I'd make it. Went to my daughters and everything was going good. Then my son & family came and things still were okay, but just seemed so quiet. When we were getting ready to pour the wine for dinner, the tears started coming not only for me, but my son put his arms around me and sobbed. I knew it would happen, but we got it out of our system, then sat down to eat. Anyhow, it's over and now we have to make it through Christmas will be worse. I hope after this year it gets easier, but I miss him so darn much.
Well, guess I vented enough. Hope all of you had a great thanksgiving. I know it was the 1st Thanksgiving for alot of you who have lost loved ones too. We'll make it, we have no choice!

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My husband Dale, has only been gone 3 months. Yes, yesterday was emotional. Tears for me came, just out of the blue. I just think of some little thing and the tears start. It's going to be a rough holiday season. I took my grand daughter to the festival of trees the other day, and the tears came, looking at all the beautiful trees. I just returned from 16 days vacation on the Florida beach. Although the trip was renewing and peaceful for me, I cried when I saw couples holding hands, walking together on the sand. Now it's back to cold, snow, and reality. Life is lonely and sad. I miss the hugs and kisses, sitting in front of the fireplace with someone, watching football together, just everything. His last days keep playing over and over in my mind. It is so hard to move forward, but I guess it's going to have to be one day, one step at a time. Like you say, we'll make it, we have no choice.

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Well, I'm sure there are alot of other people on this board who had to face being alone yesterday too.
I feel the same as you, missing hugs, kisses, back-rubs and also watching football games and snuggling. We were married 46 years, and he was the best husband, father & Papa. I also get so jealous when I see couple together now. And keep remembering all our happy times together.
It was 8 months yesterday since Tom passed away. Hopefully these" firsts"will be the worst cause it can't possibly be any harder. Remember, one day at a time. "Carole"

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The start of my second Thanksgiving when I was alone was hard. I realized that I got through much of that first holiday season in somewhat of a daze. Once I was with family, it was ok. I think we will always miss our other halves. We have those good memories to help us through the season. I keep counting my blessings, too. Fay

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Today is 2 months since my wife of 52 years passed. Tears here too.and everyday.Was a good thanksgiving.Daughter cooked like mom and other kids showed up for a while.Then Friday am came. Vet called and said 1 of wifes cats had Leukemia and had to be put down.I did'nt have the will or the strenth so Daughter had to take Toonie.Shes my rock.I now lead a very lonely life to but have found great loving friends here and thank them for support. Tears on keyboard again. See you in Chat.Dave

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