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Best hospitals for treatment

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As I mentioned a few days ago my dad will be going to wake forest Baptist medical center in north Carolina. Seems from reading several posts that maybe several of you went to Mayo Clinic. Just wanting to get an idea of where some of you received your treatment. I certainly want to go to the BEST facility and doctors. Wake forest seems to be fine but just want to inquire about other treatment facilities.


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I like both MD Anderson in Houston and Mayo Clinic in AZ, but the main thing is to believe and trust in your doctors. I never heard of the Forest Baptist Medical Center so I can compair them. My Cancer was NPC and the best doctor I found in the USA for NPC Cancer was at the Mayo Clinic.

All the best and happy Thnaksgiving you and your Dad, God bless and keep you both

Kent Cass
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My ENT might interest you. He was raised in Chicagoland, went to the U of Iowa the first four years, but did his Doctorate thing at Wake Forest. Said the reason he moved back to the midwest was because of his wife. Being a teaching institution, with students looking over the shoulders of Drs.- that is a good thing.

Delnative lives in your general area, and might be one to best advise you.


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Wake Forest has a pretty highly rated medical program. Sounds like you may be in pretty good hands.

All of my treatment was done at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City. I am very satisfied with the care I received for surgery, radiation and chemo. They're a research facility and seem to be one of those cutting edge institutions.


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I have also heard a lot of great things about Wake Forest NC. In general, research hospitals or teaching hospitals will be able to give more treatment options versus a smaller med center. We live in New York City, so our options are more than others who do not live near to a big city. Hubby Patrick had his surgery and will be receiving treatment at the Weill Cornell Medical College of New York Presbyterian Hospital. The doctors and staff are amazing and just plain awesome.

The bottom line (as Patrick would say) is that your dad is comfortable with and confident of his doctor(s). If he isn't it really won't matter who he is seeing.

If you ever decide to move up north to the big city, I will definitely refer you to hubby's head and neck surgeon. He is one of the top head and neck guys in the country and goes above and beyond for his patients.

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My wife is starting treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center in Houston, Tx. We are very pleased by the tests performed and professionalism. In fact MDA is rated the best cancer hospital in the world. They have a website and if you are having any doubts about the care your dad is receiving, you would love this hospital. Good Luck and keep in touch.

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I completed my treatments seven months ago at MD Anderson and have been more than satisfied with the treatment and care that I received. I received both chemo and radiation treatments at their Katy, TX satellite office. The radiation oncologist (Dr. Gregory Chronowski) is a "head & neck" guy, so we were lucky to have him. Going to the Katy branch was a blessing as we did not have to drive downtown every day...the "Med Center" in Houston is massive. I can echo connieprice1's comment...we love MDA too.

Best to you, your dad and all here,

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I live in Richmond, VA. I used to be of the belief that all doctors know what they are talking about NOT TRUE!!!! and they tend to not tell you when they dont know what they are talking about. When I was diagnosed last year i saw 2 Ents, 2 Oncologists and 2 Rad Drs hear in Richmond and received 4 different routes of treatment. It was only when I told my original ENT that I was going to Johns Hopkins that he told me he really didnt deal with this form of cancer much, maybe twice a year! My original tumor could not be found, they did a blind biopsy surgery here in richmond checking the tongue, tonsils and sinuses and came up with nothing meaning everything gets radiated (as everyone here knows causing major quality of life problems!). After this i went to Johns Hopkins and the Dr there was shocked at the treatment recommendations, that they hadnt even checked the tumor in my lymphnodes for HPV and much more. My surgeon there just kept telling me that I needed to come there, that all they deal with in they're dept is head and neck cancer. When asked how many cases of my type of cancer he personally dealt with the answer was 25 to 30 cases per MONTH! They did the same blind biopsy one week after here in richmond and found the original tumor in the base of my tongue. The treatment I received there in my opinion was above and beyond in every aspect. If you check US NEW Johns Hopkins is ranked number one in EAR Nose and Throat Cancer hospitals http://health.usnews.com/best-hospitals/rankings/cancer
I hope this helps

ps: Dont always take the first opinion you hear DO SOME RESEARCH! Its your fathers life your dealing with and just like in every profession there are people that are ok at they're job and there are people who are excellent at they're job! and then there are people that have no business doing they're job!

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I'm seeing Dr Wayne Koch at Hopkins. I am very confident that I am in good hands.


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One way of doing some research is by going to http://www.usnews.com (US News and World Report). They do an annual survey of hospitals and include hospital specialties. When I was diagnosed the oral surgeon that did the biopsies had no idea where to send me. Luckily a friend of my sister worked for University of Miami - Sylvester Cancer Center and we sent my path report to her so she could see if that was something they could deal with. At the time they were ranked # 35 in the nation for ENTs. This is not necessarily all based upon Cancer but I found them to be very responsive and brought my case immediately to the tumor board to come up with a treatment plan.

No matter where you choose to be treated, make sure the docs specialize in H&N Cancers and are not just general surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists that see this a few times a year.

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I don't know about any of the other people here but I went into this this with no Insurance at all ,therefore I had absolutely no choice but to take what was given me by my local Hospital via charity care. Northeast Georgia Hospital in Gainesville Ga. was where I ended up. I found the care there first rate for the most part , so unlike a lot of you I could not pick a top rated Hospital.
I am 12 months out of treatment and I'm still here, so I guess that says' something !

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That is great news and glad to hear you are 12 months out of treatment and doing well. Also welcome and just glad to have you with us on CSN please plan to stay as there are a lot of people just starting and needing help through there journey

Take care my friend

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I was SCC right lymph primary unknown. From very start they were optimistic I would be cured. The radiation oncologist mentioned in passing, after treatment ended, that he had not seen a recurrence of my type disease in 16 years he has been practicing. Can't argue with results.

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I think there are probably many. A lot just depends on what they are doing within the specialty fields, and then what the specialty doctors are doing as for studies, white papers, additional study.

I live in a relatively small town between Tampa and Orlando, called Lakeland, Florida.

The facility that I had all of my treatment is affiliated with the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center on the University of South Florida Campus.

My facility is actually called The Watson Clinic Center for Cancer Care & Research.

My ENT who is the lead over my team of professionals (Chemo, Radiation, Surgery) is awesome. His name is Dr. Serge Jean and he attended Harvard Medical School, then did his internship and additional studies at John Hopkins.

He is still very active within the community and continues to perform research and write white papers.

But as mentioned, having a lot of faith and confidence in your doctors plays huge in your positive attitude as well.


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There are great doctors at just about every hospital...MD anderson (in Texas) is considered the best, especially for head and neck cancers. Mayo is also great. I chose to go to one of my local hospitals, but I went in making sure that I had found the best ENT in not just the state, but the region. I chose my surgeon based on where my tumor was located (palate with growth through my maxillary sinus, it was pressing on my septum and my right jaw). He used arthroscopy to remove a good portion of the tumor using a special stereotactic CT, where he could plan for the removal in 3D. He was the best choice for me, and I am so very happy by his work. however, choosing someone local doesn't work for everyone. If you don't like your care, contact another doctor, another hospital...get as many opinions as you need until you feel confident and your dad feels confident. I am a firm believer that if you have faith in your doctor's skill that you will heal faster...if you don't believe in your doctor, then you will stress and slow down your healing (or in this case, your dad needs to trust his doctor).
wishing you the best of luck, please let us know where you decide to go.

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I was treated at Sloan, in NYC (I completed my treatments, radiation and cisplatin, on 8/13/10). What I found is that they treat the whole person, nutrition, swallowing therapy, phsycological concerns, everything you need under one roof. I am sure that you can find that at many cancer hospitals such as MD Anderson, Mayo, Dana Farber, UCLA, etc. That type of ease of care is important when you are in the thick of things and dont have the energy to go to various places.


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I had SCC right tonsil with a 3 cm node in my right neck. My surgery and subsequent treatments were conducted at Emory University Hospital and the Emory Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta. My treatments were completed 18 months ago and currently NED. I was very impressed with the level of care received at this location. The entire team is involved throughout the treatment period and in the follow-up scans and reviews. I met regularly with the MO, RO and ENT. Additionally, they had a dietician, speech pathologist and social services involved in my case. I highly recommend Dr. Jonathan Beitler (RO), Dr. Fadlo Khuri (MO) and Dr. William Grist (ENT). Good luck.

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Sounds like your Dad will be in good Hands...My treatment center was close to Home at the OSHU Medical center..in Portland, Ore ...I liked them as i use to sell the Hospital Medical equipment for 25 years..Not a good reason i know..but most important was there Medical Doctors.. My Chemo Doc was Craig Nichols whose claim to fame was curing Lance Armstrong..Great guy and probably gave me a good feeling..Use to fly Back to the Tour every year when Lance was racing..Also had and still see My radiation oncologist and primary head and neck oncologist...when it came to crunch time and had to have my jaw replaced from the effects of radiation they had a very good Head and neck microvascular reconstuctive surgeon who did that procedure..Point is if you feel good about them that helps a lot ..Good luck to you and your Dad ..Mel

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