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The drug Suent

Tom K
Posts: 1
Joined: Nov 2010

I just started taking the cancer drug, Sutent for 28-days. Does anyone have any infor on this/have you taken it. Tom

SarahD's picture
Posts: 139
Joined: Jun 2010

is it for primary liver cancer? Never heard of it

fishtown bob
Posts: 1
Joined: Aug 2011

I had kidney cancer in 2001 and now the nodulars have advanced to my lungs. I've been on Sutent for 3-28 day periods. I'm on 25ml. I've had a lot of gas. Plenty of diarrhhea, that' the worst part of this medicine for me plus food does'nt have much of a taste.

The good news is the nodulars have shrunk 3-4 ml in 3 months. We are extremely happy about that. good luck fishtown Bob

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