good result from CT scan - all clear given!

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Hi all

After completing 12 weeks of chemo following the removal of most of his stomach in June due to signet ring carcinoma of the pylorus, a visit to our oncologist this week has confirmed a clean bill of health for my husband! YAY! He said to go home & get on with life!

He is still a bit thin (up to 56kg now), tires easily, & doesn't enjoy eating, but has already started exercising again (swimming and small jog on the beach) which he finds empowering! He plans to compete in an Olympic triathlon next May!

To celebrate the 'all clear', we are flying to Perth, Western Australia, to spend 2 weeks on holiday just south of Perth. We can't wait!

The hard yards are behind us, tho I will be trying to get him into a 'post cancer' Men's Workshop, as the oncology nurses reckon that it will help him in his recovery big time. In turn, that will help me. it seems that there are lots of workshops for women, but not many for men. The first available one near where we live is in Feb, so will book him in!

Many thanks to all who helped us on the forum - just being able to tell someone about it who knows what it is like, is in itself, cathartic.

To those still undergoing treatment - stay strong & fight with all your might to beat the invader.




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    So happy for you both.Now go
    So happy for you both.Now go ahead and enjoy.My son had a repeat CT Scan earlier this month which is clear.His stomach cancer was detected in July 09
    I have returned recently from a trek to the Himalayas;to be surrounded by snow-capped 22,000ft tall peaks and breathe that air,that is bliss!To each one of us here fighting for ourselves and our loved ones,let's hold on to every moment of happiness.
    Love and good wishes
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    Nice one...well done!

    Nice one...well done!
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    So happy to hear you and your husband's good news! You have a wonderful holiday and enjoy yourselves! Keep in touch. We will be thinking of you both.
    Tina in Va