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For Canadians, and others outside the US....Christmas cards...

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If you would like to send cards to everyone in the US, but are a bit put off by the $1 price per piece...

I am offering to play 'North Pole Post office'....

Postage per piece in the US, for a standard sized card, is .44. If you could find out how much one box with all 70-or-so cards in it would cost to send to me (I have NO idea...it's VERY pricey in The Netherlands, I know)...I would be more than willing to go and buy enough US stamps ($33.00 worth, or so...) and send them out for you. That would save you some money....$33.00 vs $75 or so...(I can even accept payment for the stamps in Euros...lol...24.7170 by my calc right now...)

Just please PM me to say they are coming....lol....

Hugs, Kathi

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