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results of mri/radiation

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So, I got the results of mri. It seems that something that they could not get has become a tumor in my back, so now we are going for radiation treatment. My question is, what is going to happen with the radiation and what can i expect?

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I am sorry to hear this. I don't have experience with radiation on my back; I hope someone else will help you.

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Sorry for the results, sometimes it seems like the rug continues to keep getting pulled out. taraHK is currently undergoing treatment for bone mets. You can look up her discussions or send her a pm. Not sure if she is getting radiation or just chemo or a combo.

Take care - Tina

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I have no experience with this myself. I'll check the board in the morning and see if anyone has given you a response. If not, I'll be seeing my son tomorrow, and he is a radiation therapist, so maybe he can give me some tips for you.


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...on the type of radiation being administered.

If it is a stereotactic radiation, that can be 3-5 treatments at a couple of hours per session.

If it is general external beam or IMRT conformal radiation, that will be between 25-30 sessions of between 20-30 minutes each time.

If it is the latter, expect to become really fatigued and an overall bad body feeling starting at about week #4 and continuing through treatment...and for a few weeks after your last treatment stops.

Not going to be easy, I won't lie to you...I've got 2 more treatments left and it has taken me down to the ground - but this is to be expected - afterall, it is controlled radiation poisoning of the body and these are the side effects.

There will also be a good deal of inflammation in the treatment area in question, so that will also take many months to heal.

One treatment at a time and the biggest thing you can do is to just go to bed and rest as much as possible...in time, it will pass.

Best of luck as you go through this - you can do it, but just wanted to "really" prepare you for what is coming - I feel we all owe each other the truth at a time like this.


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Not sure about treatments to the back, but hope the radiation goes well.


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lm finishing my second week 10 rounds of 25 , so far I have Lost my appetite and a little bit tired. Anyway I thing depends of where radiation is applied, Poor Craig is having a real taught time as they are irradiating his lung which is a part of the body very critical and is easy to get very tired due to any manipulation on it. Concernnig bones hope is less tiring do to bones are not any vital part of the body. In my case I'm 24 hours /5 day a week plugged to 5fu chemo pump which for the moment is causing me more issues , I think, that radio by it self!.
Hope it helped !

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Hi. I have bone mets. I am on chemo only at the moment (FOLFIRI plus Avastin plus Zometa for bone strength). I'm afraid I don't have any experience with radiation for bone mets to share. However, my onc raised this possibility with me for later -- for when I can't tolerate the chemo any longer or maybe when the chemo not working any more. He mentioned radio(something) isotope and multitargeted radiotherapy. Told me that the radio?isotope would cause some damage to my bone marrow, which would cause fatigue, which would probably resolve after a few months. I haven't done any checking myself on these options.

I did have radiation when originally diagnosed with rectal cancer (almost 8 yrs ago). Ended with very painful skin. But hopefully that would not be so bad for radiation on the back -- those 'nether regions' are very sensitive! (and mucusal skin).

Wishing all the best and please keep in touch.


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