Recent stage 3C diagnosis, chemo questions.

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Diagnosed October 10th, had a partial gastronomy October 28th. They found my tumor had spread to my liver via contact, removed a small portion of the liver, most of my stomach and 44 lymph nodes (40 showed signs of cancer). My cancer stage is 3C.

We met with the chemo doctor and he outlined a plan where I'll be put on a pump for a five day infusion of 5FU followed by three weeks off. This will be repeated for six months. Some time after the second treatment I'll be receiving a round of radiation during the three week off period. He stated most people do not get sick or even lose their hair from this regimen.

My question is: I'm 57, relatively healthy and strong and wonder is this plan is aggressive enough. I'm not concerned with losing my hair or other side effects, I'd rather go after the cancer. Is this plan something others have experienced and how effective was it. The cancer center we are going to has a very good reputation however the doctor told me of the 800 cancers they treat in a year only one or two are stomach cancer.

Thanks for any feedback.


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    First off...I like your attitude. Part of what helped my fight was a willingness to try anything to not just live but beat cancer. Anyhow, I'm 36 and was stage 4 when I was diagnosed. Had surgery first then chemo. My oncologist was about my age and he put me on the most brutal, yet effective, course he thought I could survive. Eight rounds three weeks each of high levels of taxotere (which I had a near fatal reaction to) cisplatin (also had a near fatal reaction to and being platinum based, it has some NASTY side effects) and also 5-FU. One week on all the drugs simultaneously then two weeks off to level out toxicity. I lost 70 puonds durring chemo and it would take all day to list the side effects. But all that was a very small price to pay for two cancer free scans. Tell your doctor you want to beat this and will do whatever it takes. If he says there isn't anything else to do...find another doctor. Keep up the good fight.
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    Hello and welcome to this discussion board family. I agree with dustmagnet. You do have a great attitude. You have to, to beat this. I also agree that if this dr. says there is nothing more we can do, find another dr. Absolutely! Give it your all. You have a lot to lose if you do not. Wow 800 cancers a year? Scary. You keep that positive mind set, it will prove to be very helpful to your battle. I was a caregiver for my dad. He fought and lost his battle, but he did well after his 2nd opinion. First opinion had him dying in 6 months. He lived for 16 months.My dad had esophageal cancer with mets to the liver. His primary tumor was at the gi junction, which is very close to the stomach. Everyone is an individual, not a statistic. Best of luck to you. Keep on keeping on. Let us know how you are doing. We are always here for you.
    Tina in Va
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    Experienced docs in stomach cancer
    I just read your post. What strikes me is that the clinic you are at has limited stomach cancer cases. Perhaps a second opinion is necessary. MD Anderson I think is the best. Mayo in Rochester is also good. These places have lots of gastric cancer experience.

    The second item I noticed is that the doc put you on 5FU. Usually they will have a platinum drug or others included. Maybe it's because you have already had surgery and they are concerned a cocktail of chemo drugs will be too strong. The radiation may be another reason. But I was adament with my docs to leave nothing on the table - hit me as hard as I can. I am a stage IV cancer survivor on my 10th round of chemo - nine months and still swinging.

    Also, keep the positive attitude. Strong mind, body and spirit is essential in kicking this is the butt!

    God bless.