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First thank you for all your prayers and lit candles at your church. Your support is awesome. It makes me feel so much better. Know that I have you all in my prayers as well.

I have posted under - Surgery is no longer an option - but I wanted to update this post since I have gotten some new responses. Unfortunately the mass in my husband's left lung is cancerous. Now is he stage IV. However, we don't know yet if it is stage IV lung cancer or metastases from stage IV head & neck cancer that he already had. I'm guessing we will find that out when we see the surgeon next Tuesday for follow-up. I don't think it really matters at this point. We see the regular onc on Dec. 6th. I guess at that time we can discuss treatment, if any. With the emphysema, I don't think my husband can have radiation. I'm thinking he will get a bone scan and brain scan (hopefully before the end of the year before our deductible is due again). We'll just have to take one day at a time. He refuses to use the oxygen that was prescribed and right now he can get away with it. Eventually he'll have to give in.

This is not what I had hoped for but it is more or less what I had expected. I don't know if my husband realizes yet what this means. He was kind of still drugged up when the doctor told him about it. I guess he will make that clear to my husband when we see him.

I'll let you know what happens. Thank you all again for your support.



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    thanks for the update
    Sorry about the info u receiceved. Will be thinking bout your husband.
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    So sorry
    So sorry for the news you got about your husband. This bad news is so hard to accept and sometimes seems like a nightmare. But unfortunately when you wake up it's not.
    I lost my husband in March and it's still hard to believe he's not here. He had a rare side effect from Avastin. He had been diagnosed in January with lung cancer. Things happened very fast so he didn't suffer.
    Hope you can enjoy your Thanksgiving! Just be strong and let him know you love him!
    Take care! "Carole"