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results from ultra sound.

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Well the report went through from the radiologist to the GP and she called yesterday.....apparently everything looks good....there is a fibroid but she does not feel it is big enough to be causing pain.

Sooo I guess I have to start over.....can anyone help???/ Scouty you said right from the beginning adhesions....I have been reading about this on the internet but I am not sure....anybody thoughts?


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Hi Maggie,

Glad to hear that the doc feels it is a fibroid and not cancer. Sorry that she doesn't think this is the cause of your pain.

Hope they can find the source soon and get you feeling 100% again.

I know you already celebrated your Thanksgiving day, but what the heck share ours here in the states too! Happy Day of Thanks Giving


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what a good idea.....Marie.....why not have another Thanksgving....


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They certainly can cause a lot of pain. I'm sorry Mags but I did not read your prior post(s) about the pain. At least you found out that it's not something big but then again, you don't know what it is yet...

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Hope they find a solution very soon!

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Glad that the report came back clear, but sorry you have to start over. Wonder how they would be able to look for adhesions, but hope you find your answer soon.


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tina dasilva
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I'm so happy it's not cancer thank the lord omg i'm not crying again for joy for you .lots of hugs Tina

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Fibroids is good, I don't know how she can say she doesn't think it's causing the pain, though. How does SHE know? They said they didn't think the lesion in my rectum was causing me all of my pain either, but now it's looking like it just may be that "little" lesion. With the nerves they have around in that area, who knows? I sure hope they find out something soon, I know how hard it is when you have pain day in and day out and nothing to point to as a source. It really gets hard to deal with. Praying for you, girlfriend!

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I don't know whether to say good news or bad news. Don't you hate it when you're back at square one? I have hernias and adhesions and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. If that what you're dealing with, I'm so sorry. It can be painful. I'm looking at reversal surgery after I finish chemo so I've decided to just wait on all these abdominal problems and take care of them all at once. But, believe me some days I question that decision. I hope you feel better soon. HUGS

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My adhesions were still causing pain 3 years later. And then I had more surgery in June of this year, so it's worse again.

The joys of the body fighting back against invaders - in this case scar tissue forming from all of the surgical manipulations.

It's a nuisance, but does improve. Certainly glad the growth is "just a fibroid".


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I am so glad it is not cancer! I am with Mary; how do they know the fibroid isn't causing the pain? I hope you get your answer soon.

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unless it's pressing on a nerve...

But adhesions can be painful...even scarring from the rads....

I'm dancing for it not being cancer...sending good vibes for the solution!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Very glad it came back as NOT cancer!


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I had pain from the radiation scarring. When they did my final surgery (ostomy) and took out all those parts, he also cleaned up (his words) a lot of adhesions from previous surgeries (prior to this cancer round). It was a blessing.

Just my 2 cents. Vicki

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thank you my dear friends for taking time from your turkey week. I cannot tell you if it is the fibroid or adhesions. There was a bladder infection the month before so maybe it just had not healed.
On Thursday last I gave blood for the CEA test....those results must be sent all the way to Toronto for testing and we usually wait up to 2 weeks so I think I will just try to sit tight until then....if the CEA has popped up then I will start to investigate.....

I am going to try this week to move forward on Christmas and holiday celebrations with laughter and joy. Maybe take a little break from cancer hysteria....easier said than done...hahah...

I am a serious vintage Christmas collector so it takes me forever to haul the stuff out of the attic....some years I am not well enough but with this little window I am going to get'er done. I collect mainly 40's and 50' and 60's....stuff that reminds me of my own childhood.



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