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Did you know that NED has a first cousin???? He is dancing with me!!!!

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For our new ones here, we often refer to "dancing with NED" which means celebrating that there is No Evidence of Disease. We obviously love NED and share him happily and willingly with all of the Kindred Spirits.
That having been said...I am not quite dancing with NED, but I had an awesome,faith-building, happy, reason to be extra thankful appointment with my oncologist this afternoon.

I am responding so well to the Tamoxifen, that my CAT scan showed NO evidence of the previously seen liver cancer, nor is it in my lungs, heart, kidneys, spleen, abdominal wall,bowels...almost no where! The reason NED isn't shining his shoes for the dance is that there is some cancer in my bones. My thoughts are, I have only 1 liver, stomach, spleen, heart, whereas I have 206 bones!!I wish I had no cancer anywhere~but I am over the moon with thankfulness! As I said, NED has a really close first cousin, and believe you me, I am dancing with him!!!!
My onco doc said this is not a miracle ( uh..ok) as there is no cure~ but as long as I am responding favorably, he considers me in remission!!! I will be having a PET scan to see what "lights up"~ but that isn't until February!The holiday season looks good.....

Thank you all for you support, prayers, good thoughts, well-wishes,emails and all around encouragement. I am humbled and honored to be in your company.

I will raise a glass in Thanksgiving to all of you on Thursday....


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I am so glad that the Tami is working!!!! YEA!!!

You, chen dear, are my hero. Always have been, always will be....you face each challenge with grace and strength...I'm surprised cancer hasn't realized that it can't win with you!!!!

I love you, my dear sister, as no other....

I raise my glass to both you and Reggie...happy Thanksgiving to you both!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Thank you Kathi~ I could have switched the To and From and written the same about YOU!

(((((hugs)))) right back at you!


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I am so glad to hear that wonderful news,your Dr. might not think it's a miracle but i do ,people might not believe in them but i do and the Dr's can't explain them cause that what God does,your obviously a believer , because you have to believe to receive. I'm SO SO happy for you MollyZ

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Thank you MollyZ~ it is true; the medical community can't always explain things, can they?!

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Just wanted to say praise God and I too send a hug to you. Have a wonderful holiday.


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And yippee and hurray and wowie zowie and on and on. You've been on my mind all day and I am so relieved to come home and read this.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving -- I know you will!!


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Jean 0609
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Absolutely great news! You are a strong woman!!! Hugs, Jean

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What wonderful news. I'm so happy for you and all of us who love you. Enjoy your holidays.

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What fantastic news, Chen!

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I am so happy for you!! This is great news. God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice

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Miss Murphy
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Chen, I'm so happy to hear your news right before I take off for TG! I'm sure NED's cousin is a wonderful dancer too and you'll have a wonderful long dance with him!

Now go enjoy your holidays to the fullest! Hugs, Sally

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Scotch Freckles
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We mean more than just saying Happy Thanksgiving. We all give Thanks to each and every one of us each day NED puts on his dancing shoes. Fred Astaire would be proud to dance one dance with you Chen for all your tenasity. We all will say a prayer for you and all who anticipate a dance with NED.

Scotch Freckles

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Awesome news Chen! Keep up with the good attitude, it's contageous (?) I've just begun my battle and it strengthens me to see how you dance with his cousin untill NED comes along. I will toast you this holiday season.

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Kick up your heels Chen and enjoy the dance... you have most certainly earned it!! The happiest of holiday wishes to you and Reggie :)

Blessings and hugs,

New Flower
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Very good news. Congratulation!!!! I am crying from joy

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Wonderful news! It couldn't have come in a better week. We have so much to be thankful for.

Annette 11
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Chen, That is super news. You are doing so well! Give it time, in Feb. your bones could very well be clean also.
Keep smiling!

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to be thankful for! I am so, so happy for you, darling. We'll all keep being thankfull and will keep smiling with you.

I don't care what that doctor says--there are all kinds and sizes of miracles. This is one of them!

Hugs and hugs, Renee

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Chen, I am so happy for your news. Those bone mets may be tricky, but I'm betting on you being trickier! Boy, if words could kill those last vestiges, you'd be the 100 ft. tall woman. I so appreciate everything you write. You are awesome! xoxoxox Lynn

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I am SO happy to read this! You have been such an inspiration to me throughout my journey..you are a very strong & remarkable woman Chen :)
I hope you have the best holiday season ever!!

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I too believe in miracles. Soooooo thankful that things are looking good for you!! There are things they can do about the bones. Now you can enter into this holiday season with some peace. Enjoy family and friends.

Dance the night away! :)

Much Love,

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wonderful, excellent, great. fantastic, awesome, Yay!!!! Agree with all the above. I think your onc is like mine, gosh forbid he would get too excited, to me you are a miracle .happy Thankstaking Chen and Reggie!

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Oh Chen - I am so happy for you! What wonderful news! I am crying tears of joy for you right now! This is truly a Thanksgiving to be thankful!

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I know you're basking in everyone's prayers and positive thoughts.

Continued blessings to you and yours,

I know your Thanksgiving will certainly be just that ;)

Hugs to you,


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Dear Everyone~

It is only 8:30 at night...yet I feel as if I have danced all night. I have read and re-read my lab reports, called my family to read it to them., posted on FB and of course here! I have also shed happy tears with my family. I was going to be my healthy self and have fish for dinner, but hell no! I had STEAK! LOL
Tomorrow I will have fish~ I celebrated this evening! Of course I had veggies~ fresh garden fennel and red onions, thick sliced, drizzled with olive oil , wrapped in tin foil and put on the grill...SOOOOO good!

But I digress~ thank you for rejoicing with and for me. As Kindred Spirits you are family of the highest order. I love and admire you all. Thanks you for sharing in this news~ it belongs to all of us!


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Oh Chenheart!! I am jumping for joy over here. You dance girl. this is great news Made my day. (sigh) Sending Hugs and your in my prayers as always. Hope you and your family have a great great Thanksgiving. And a Very Merry Christmas, Love and Hugs Kay,

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Chen, add me to your very long list of well wishers. I am so happy to read that the Tamox is working and YOU are still the one in control. I am sending hugs and love to you and Reggie. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and continue to make those memories!!

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HALLELUJAH!!! I am so sorry that I did not have the opportunity to celebrate with you last night .. but knowing you and Reggie the celebration has continued into the wee morning light - as it should!

You Rock the Boat - on land or water! You deserve all the happiness and Steak the world has to offer!

I am thanking those 'lucky stars', God and Ancestral Fathers .. - they all work hand in hand.

Blissful Glee to you, Miss Chen❥ ❥

Vicki Sam

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Bella Luna
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Such Fantastic news couldn't have come at a better time! It's over the top wonderful to hear you are responding so well to Tamoxifen!!! Big Hugs and kisses being sent your way. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Chenheart!

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Christmas Girl
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Kindest regards, Susan

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I have been away from the Board for about a week, but you were in my thoughts always. To return, and see the great news is like a miracle....I can hardly believe as I read further and further through your post. Dealing with the bone mets will be a challenge, but so far you have proven that the power of prayer, and the ties that bind all of the Kindred Spirits that surround you are tougher than any cancer beast can handle. I am so happy for you, and so relieved to hear the wonderful news. Now, let's celebrate with vigor and get through the holidays coming up with a vengence. I cried when i read your post, and continue to keep you and Reggie in my thoughts. Hugs, Judy

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I always imagined with a name like Ned, he looks like the 'dud' from Mystery Date...and probably steps on your feet.

A first cousin sounds promising.

Have a peaceful Thanksgiving.

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Hubby, AKA Bob, posted on FB that NED's cousin is KC (as in Kick Cancers') Butt...I like that, but have decided to spell it Casey~ but we know who we're talking about, don't we?


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Spell it any old way you want to; he doesn't mind!!!



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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You are so inspiring and give an amazing amount of support to everyone here. Thank you for sharing your good news!

Big, big hug,


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Linda! I just heard from your not so secret Santa that your ornament has been on hold at your Post Office since the 18th!!! She is so afraid that it will be sent back if you don't pick it up!!!!

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Double Post!! Must have been important!

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I know what everyone at your table is going to be thankful for on thursday. Congrats, hugs, love. I'm sooooo happy for you, you just can't know.

Have a wonderful holiday season and keep dancing.


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I am soooo happy to hear your news. No one deserves it more. This is just one more thing I have to be happy for this Thanksgiving. Hugs and more hugs.


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it in the air .... Oh Lord, .. yes in deed, cousin Casey is here, but Ned is dusting off his dancing shoes!

Keep fighting like a 'Girl' .. go WARRIOR - kindered spirits - Chen❥ ❥

Vicki Sam

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GREAT NEWS!!! Enjoy your holiday. I was told NED'S cousin is quite a dancer. God Bless.

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I do believe in miracles.....Hugs, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

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So happy to hear good news. I wish you the best. I wish I could be so upbeat. I am still down a lot of the time. Had last radiation 3 weeks ago. Really trying to be upbeat and happy as so much has been done for me. I had good reports from surgeon,chemo doc and radiation. Now I just have to get myself up to facing life a new way. I didn't chose a mast. so at least I don't have to go through all that. You have all been so great to listen to and hear your stories and how strong you can be. I hope I can take that from you all.

Thank You for listening. Again congrats.

Hugs and Prayers,

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needs to be celebrated, keep dancing! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.

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Chen, I don't know why I checked in tonight...had lots to do...but I am so glad I did. So very glad. What wonderful news....it has made my Thanksgiving and we will certainly be raising a glass to you on Thursday!!!! Take care. Love Pat

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What wonderful news. Thank you for sharing so much with us.


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This posts makes me very happy (although I am now crying with joy for you).

Thank you so much for the info on how you are doing. I like your 206 bones theory - very positive thinking. I'm glad the Tamoxifen is working so well for you.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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That's awesome! Celebrate the holidays and enjoy yourself until the PET scan comes next year. Mine showed nothing and I'm hoping yours doesn't show any more hot spots! I plan on having a glass of wine on Thanksgiving even if I'm on an antibiotic. I need something to celebrate as I have one chemo left.
{{hugs}} Char


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