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staying calm

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Joined: Oct 2010

why do YOU feel you have so much authority..it is good you were removed from other sites

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Posts: 230
Joined: Oct 2010

Because you named a thread after her!

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Joined: Sep 2006

So you are going to be the authority on who gets removed from sites? Where did YOU get YOUR authority?

This should be fun.

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Joined: Aug 2010

I totally agree with you soccerfreaks. Don't know if this person has a bug up their a-- or what, but Staying Calm is great and I think does alot of reading about this dreaded disease.
Glad you're doing good. Have a great thanksgiving!!! "Carole"

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my bumper sticker says QUESTION AUTHORITY. I could write a book on the comments I get...

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Posts: 509
Joined: Aug 2009

She is just offering information. What part of you is Southern?

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Joined: Jan 2010

When such venom arises without cause against someone with only good and noble intentions, it points to the instigator as angry, unappreciative and thoughtless. We love and appreciate "staying calm" on this site and applaud her efforts to help others with well researched and balanced information based on science and common sense in equal measure. As my very wise mother would say "if you do not have anything good to say, keep your opinions to yourself". The rest of us here adore her. Connie.

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Glenna M
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You've come to the wrong place to attack Staying Calm. She is one of the most loved members of the lung cancer forum.

I'm sure you are upset with her because she doesn't agree with what you have posted on other sites but she does her research and doesn't speak unless she can back up what she says.

She has helped all of us so you might as well take your attitude and your hate somewhere else, we aren't interested!!

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Let's fight cancer not each other. This is not the forum for venom it is one for encourage ment and kindness.

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Joined: Jan 2010

I agree this is a site to encourage but also one to share experience and knowledge - I defend my concern for one of our most trusted contributors - we are all fighting cancer - and we are also fighting for our lives to find answers and hope based on the well substantiated science and art of medicine. We do need to discourage folks bent on criticism rather than helpful contribution.

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Posts: 230
Joined: Oct 2010

This site to me is about hope and knowledge. Together they can move mountains... or be insidiously evil.

Think about the day u, or if your r a caregiver, your special person was diagnosed. For most of us, our world shattered. Thoughts instantly turn to death and suffering. Hope was in short supply.....as was knowledge. But then most of us began to aquire knowledge from the dr, friends, interenet and sites like this... as our knowledge increases, so does our hope.

But we all need to evaluate the knowledge we are given. Inaccurate, substandard knowledge can lead to false hope. I'm a live and let live guy. So I may oppose someones statements without opposing them. After all, we r all going through similar situations. I do speak up when the knowledge/theories dispensed could be harmful. I hve done this a few times without condeming the perosn.

Tht is if someone is hopeful about a treatment option, but that option has very little data to back the claims, then we could be causing somones life or quality of life to be shortened by not responding. To have hope because one chooses to not question treatment options (whether traditional, or alternative) is nothing more than empty wishes.

I just hope tht all here agree that cancer is the enemy, not knowledge, or hope. Similarly lashing out at a person is not the same as lashing out at their info and insight.

I want partsouthern to find hope, knowledge, encouaragemnt, and peace on this site as have I. But lashing out at others will only bring anger, hurt and alienation.

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Joined: Jun 2010

Southernpart, I recall the conversation of you refusing treatment, that is your decision. I do not recall of your response as to why. I have had (still do), some computer problems and have not logged in lately, so maybe I missed something else. The member you refer to as Stayingcalm has had a profound impact on many members on this site. I respect your decision to refuse treatment, I am sure Stayingcalm does also along with many others on this site. As to her medical degree, I can only assure you disrespect will earn you more disrespect. Lets grow up.

Wishing all a great Thanksgiving Day


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Joined: Jun 2010

All of this squabling will not matter when we are 6 foot under.

Each person is to do the best they can with all the conflicting doctors, philosophies,, studies, opinions, etc....that is out there, and what happens happens, we must be prepared either way.

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Joined: Feb 2009

I think partsouthern should stay on inspire and then they won't have to be on a site that holds stayingcalm in such high regard she is our friend get off her back we dont need negative people on this site

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Posts: 14
Joined: Nov 2010

I have always found StayingCalm's posts, both here and previously on Inspire, to be well thought out and researched, resonsible, and informative with somke occasional tongue in cheek. I have noi objectionif partsouthern wishes to attack the issue - but I do if she is attacking the person! StayingCalm is, was, and I speculate always will be a valuable contributor to all cites she posts upon.


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