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Our of hospital and heads shaved!

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I escaped around 2PM. Got new tennis shoes for my husband (his were falling apart and didn't smell too nice - I refused to travel with him and those shoes). Picked up prescriptions. I have all my bookwork done. Checks printed. We had our head shaving party and both of my boys and my husband went first. Four bald heads now! I'll post photos later. I did get them up on FaceBook.

I am fading and I still need to pack. Maybe I can just throw in my meds, two swimsuits, two pareaos and some sandals....

I'm off to the airport in 12 hours! WOOOHOOOO!

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Kathryn, I am so glad that you are going ! Have a great time ! I am used to my bald head now. It is not bad. I wear hats around the house because it is cold and a wig to work. Brenda

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Good for you! You sound great. Have a wonderful trip!

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Have a great trip and try and enjoy every moment.


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Sooo happy for you. Enjoy every minute with your family. Don't think of anything but the wonderful time you are having.
All the best,
Linda and El

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Ooh, I can't wait to check you out on facebook! Have a wonderful time on your trip!!!


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Run, Kathryn, run! :) Enjoy the heck out of Mexico!

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Go and enjoy Mexico!!!!!!!!!

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Nana b
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Have fun! Don't be too heathy and eat raw, especially fruit in Mexico!!

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Have a wonderful time. Enjoy the special time with your family. Petrina

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and just remember me!!

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made me smile. My husband shaved his head before his first chemo treatment...his hair was very long, and I laughed at the tennis shoes as Robert's pair sounded just the same.(we bought him a new pair Sat)

Have a wonderful trip. So glad you get to go. Safe travels!

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So very glad you are able to continue with your plans. What wonderful support you have when they even will give up their hair!

Don't forget a hat or scarf in your packing...don't want to sunburn that new do.

Have a wonderful relaxing trip and post lots of pics so we can live vicariously thru you!


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Kenny H.
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Have a great trip. Nice and warm here down south (100 miles from Mexico)...
When & if I have to shave my head Im gonna go with a mohawk cut 1st for a couple days.
Just always wanted to do it but never had the courage. Then cut it all off!

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