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Queston for Karen

hopeful girl 1
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Hi. How long did it take for your platelets to recover from 23,000 back when you had the issue? Would your oncologist have transfused you if it dropped any lower?

Are you remaining in NED? It sounds like you are....I am so happy for you.


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Hi Cindy,

My platelets started coming back up about 5 weeks after my last chemo. Since they were trending up, I never had another lab test for 7 weeks and by then they were back within the normal range (which was 3 months from the last chemo).

There was some discussion that they would not do a platelet infusion unless I got to 10,000 or lower.

I finished chemo 2 years ago in December and have been NED....have not had any issues other than my balance is not good, most likely due to the neuropathy in my feet. I keep working on that!!

Hang in there.....just eat healthy and enjoy each day. I am confident you will start seeing an upward trend in the next couple of weeks!!


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Hi Karen: I am so glad I read your post. I too have a problem with balance. I guess it is from the chemo. Good to hear you are doing so well. All the best. June

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Cindy: I read your posts all the time, but I am not experienced to give you any advice. I know you are getting the best from the ladies here who so kindly respond to your posts. I wish you all the best and most of all good health to you and all. June

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