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So Glad I Joined

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Joined: Nov 2010

Wow to think that there are so many of us out here in this world fighting this terrible disease. Yet this disease is unable to keep us from logging onto a computer and giving support to one another in the form of information, laughter and of course prayers. I am shocked at how quickly people have reached out to me with advise or just welcoming me to this group. Although this is a group none of us wish we were part of and God willing one day we won't need these groups it's nice to know they are available. Does anyone find the holiday season just a little more special. This is my first holiday season since being diagnosed in March and I have already put up my Christmas light although I won't turn them on till Friday night after turkey day has come and gone. I will also put up my tree on Friday and decorate the inside of the house. I am so very glad to have joined this group and I hope to make plenty of friends in the upcoming months and then over the next few decades or so for cancer will not beat me even if it is stage 4. The way I look at it is that staging is just a number created by doctors based on patients that have come and gone. Some of them died from old age, other issues or just refused to fight the cancer and all of that factors into the statistics and makes them look worse than they really are. Doctors told me I had a 30-50% chance of being here in 5 years but God tells me that I have a 100% chance and that is why I have put my life in his hands. I hope everyone has a great night and again thanks in advance for any words you might offer up to me in my battle.....GOD BLESS

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"how to beat cancer been an stage 4". So I thing this is the way, the way you are following ,the attitude you are having,the feith you are keeping the hope you are not loosing , the God you are trusting ,...... and of course doctors.Hahaha.Your attitude is the the kind of attitude that will drive us to win this terrible war , this is not just a battle that we may loose but a war where attitude is one of the most powerful weapons we can use against the beast!.
Keep your attitude,keep your feith ,keep your hope,you will Winn.
Pepe ,Barcelona.

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Just wanted to welcome you again and tell you that you are now a part of a big family. My colonoscopy was the day before Thanksgiving in 2008 and they told me that they found a tumor - oh my Goodness, biopsy, back on Monday for ultrasound, my Thanksgivings will probably always be remembered because of that colonoscopy. But my lights, tree and outside critters are brightly lite this year because I'm thankful to be here. Glad that you got all your decorations up, and if in secret you decide to turn them on before that Firday, go ahead and do it and enjoy every moment. God is the driver in your journey and He will get you through it. God Bless you too!


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Joined: Oct 2010

Your positive spirit is going to do wonderful thing for your healing. I love this group of people and the support they give. Like I said when I joined last month, I feel like I'm home.


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Joined: Sep 2010

So glad to have you as part of our semicolon family.

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Kerry S
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Joined: Dec 2009

I am a stage 4 old guy. Hell I am on the mostly dead side of life anyway. My Onc told me 4/08 that I had 2 years left. I fired that SOB onc. I fired a surgeon and another Onc after him. Get all the opinions you can. Docs are not god. Except my super colon surgeon can walk on water without getting the soles of his shoes damp. Get and collect all data on all test and study the hell out of them. Docs do play cover their *** games. With the laws today they have to.

I have a little benign brain tumor problem now but that will get taken care of soon. Yes I had a recurrence, but that was taken care of in August. Right now I am cancer free and loving life.

The one big *** thing I want to pass on to you is Attitude Attitude Attitude.

Guys, I figured out why I missed that deer today. The damn steroids have my eyes screwed up and I could not see the damn deer in the scope. Tomorrow I will just take my glasses off. I can see thru the scope then.

Screw cancer

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Joined: Apr 2009

Keep your attitude that will help.God is the only one who knows when anyone is going to die,and I don't think he's talking.Enjoy your holidays,and your lights.Happy thanksgiving.

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Posts: 227
Joined: Nov 2010

You are all so right that attitude has so much to do with beating this cancer. Heck sometimes I honestly forget I have cancer as I feel so normal some days. God is the driver of my life now and he has me moving in the right direction. He will see me through these dark times for one day soon this will all be in my rear view mirror and I will be living a normal life again. Well it will never be totally normal for you always have the thought in the back of your mind that it could come back. But just get me to January and let's see that all clear CT and I'm gonna party like it's 1999...Sorry I had to go old school on you all...Well I am off to church to give praise and glory to the Lord I love hearing from everyone on here it's so refreshing to see strangers becoming friends to help one another..GOD BLESS

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