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Mother Dx UPSC looking for comfort

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my name is Elvin my mother (66) was Dx on November 5 after a biopsy. Doctor sent her to get 3 CT's (pelvic,abdominal and chest) The cancer was found in the endometrium and the cervix . a 3m nodule was found in her left lung and a ct scan was recomended in another 6 months (Apr 2011 god willing!). Some thickening in the antral wall and doc sent her for a colonoscopy (sp?), That will be done on Nov 30.No other organs showed suspicios acitvity, Anyways doctor decided to do RT first to shrink the tumor ,then surgery and then chemo. He says she is Stage 2. Now my question is since all you brave ladies had surgery to do the stagin, should i worry about this approach and also the lung nodule worries me , i know it is small but still, should we wait the 6 month or ask for one in three.

I find myself highly depressed i'm only 23 years old and would have love for my mother to meet my future children and raise my adopted sister (9) whom she loves more than anything else.I Know there is hope but i find myself thinking the worse , nothing else is on my mind , i can't focus , My studies have suffered becuase of this and my wife doesn't know what to do with me jeje. It's just that everything seems so difficult for her , i would trade places with her in a hearbeat. I find myself worrying about chemo, side effects , spread of the cancer and we haven't even started treatment.Sorry for my rambling i just needed to blow some steam.

Thanks for your time and god bless you

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I can understand you pain, worry and depression. Hearing the word cancer is such a frightening thing. It is not unusual for someone to have radiation to shrink the tumor beofe surgery. Staging usually is done with the surgery.

If you are not comfortable with the doctor's recommendation to wait 6 months before the next CAT scan, you can get a second opinion. Try to take one day at a time, and try not to worry about the future. I know that is easier said than done. I was surprised with the minimal side effects that I had from chemo. They have come such a long way with pre-chemo drugs and post chemo drugs to help minimize side effects. Everyone is different, and have different reactions, but there is probably a medicine to help.

You and your Mom will be added to my prayers. Pleae keep us updated and feel free to ask any questions you have, or just come and blow some steam. This is a good place to do that. In peace and caring.

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Thanks for your kind words and prayers, they really do bring comfort to my heart.I shall keep you in my prayers also.

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Elvin, I am sorry that you had a need to join this discussion group but I am so happy that you have found us! This is a wonderful site with lots of warriors who will provide much information, encouragement and support.

As Ro said, it is not uncommon to do radiation first to shrink the tumor before doing surgery. I do not believe they can really determine the Stage or Grade until after surgery. Is your Mom seeing a GYN Oncologist? If not, I would certainly recommend a second opinion with one. AND even if your Mom is under the care of GYN Oncologist, a second opinion is always an option. It may bring more comfort for both of you!

This whole thing about a Cancer diagnosis is frightening. And your lack of concentration, etc. is not unusual. It WILL get better once you learn more about the disease, etc.

So, learn what you can and ask us any questions that pop into your mind. Please keep us posted to how things are going!!

Wishing for the very best outcome!


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