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Linda/Jazzy Jan/ Susafina: Platelets dropped again down to 25,000---I am nervous----

hopeful girl 1
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Has anyone here had a platelet transfusion?

I had my 6th chemo Nov 2nd and am having daily bloodtests to watch my platelets because they are so so low. If they get to 10,000 I have to have a platlet transfusion?

Has anyone had this?

Thank you.


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Hi Cindy,

Those are low for platlets. The lowest mine went was 80,000 Usually unless you have any bleeding episodes they may not transfuse till you go below 20,000. !0,000 is way too low to wait.
Just be careful. No straining in doing anything. Don't blow your nose. Those blood vessels are very thin and can easily cause a nose bleed.
Be careful in using a knife.
Make sure people are aware when they draw your blood.
Don't take anything with aspirin in it. Just tylenol.
Wear loose fitting clothes nothing tight or else some bruising occurs.
No shaving with a regular razor. Use only electric if needed.
Better yet, just relax and take good care of yourself they will come back up a few weeks post treatment

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The lowest my platelets got were 23,000. I did have some bleeding of the gums when I brushed my teeth, but that was it. My Dr. was not a proponent of platelet transfusions. My labs were getting worse with each treatment and so my chemo ended after 5 treatments as I couldn't get my platelets, etc. up to a reasonable level and my neuropathy was getting worse. Dr. felt that my body had as much as it could tolerated. Once chemo ended, my labs started to come back up and by my 3 month check up everything was almost completely normal.

My hemoglobin did get down to 7.5 at one point and I was very short of breath so I did have 2 units of packed cells and that helped me a LOT!

You need to have periodic checks just to make sure things are headed in the right direction. Relax and don't worry too much....they generally return to normal.

Best wishes!


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I did not have any problems with my red blood cell counts. I did give platelet infusions as a nurse to many people. It is like getting a blood transfusion. There should not be any pain with the infusion. I know you had a lot of discomfort with your blood infusions.

Take the precautions that were given by Sue in the above post to prevent bleeding or bruising. It is not recommended that you floss your teeth either. As Karen said try to relax and not worry. I know that is not easy to do. In peace and caring.

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1 more precaution: try not to strain when having a BM; use stool softeners maybe just in case? Don't do anything stenuous like lifting heavy things.

hopeful girl 1
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Thanks for the tips! All very helpful.

I had a bloodtest today and the platelets stayed same at 25,000. They are closely monnitoring me and I go in for tests every day or every other day depending on what they do. But my team does not transfuse until 10,000.

I did get that hemoglobin packed cells infusion and it was quite uncomfortable painful-something must not have been right. But it worked. My hemaglobin is now 10.8 (was 8.5).
It was 11.2 afterwards but today fell to 10.8 which they said happens after transfusion as some cells are already dead.

I go for the next bloodtest on Monday and then Tuesday, and I see my docs on Tuesday-oncologists for chemo and radiations.

I am just scared because my platelets have been problematic in chemos 4 and 6. And continued to drop after 4th chemo til the 5th week.

I will try not to do much. My oncologist's nurse said ok to use stationary bike but nothing like contact sports etc.



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Hi Cindy
It is me again. Listen do me s favor don't get on a stationary bike. My team never let me do that until my platelets reached 50,000. Walking is the best exercise for you now. I know tha this is scary but those pesky platlets will return soon. So for now relax put your feet up or take a walk and enjoy this beautiful fall season!!


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I'm sorry but I can't give you any good advice on this subject....never had any issues with my platelets or anything pertaining to my blood.

I do feel your concern, as know it's the unknown and feel you've gotten some great advice from many others on this site. Definitely listen to your docs advice as well.

You're in my thoughts and prayers and I know you'll beat this step as you have with everything else.

Be positive and keep smiling.... Who ever said life would be easy?

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