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cyroablation nightmare

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They found a mass on my kidney, it was small thank the Lord 1x4 and the urologist never mentioned removing the kidney or part of it he said he was going to freeze it. So Sept. 23rd I had it frozen stayed overnight in the hospital went home next day was doing well actually. Two days later I was back in the hospital with high fever 103 and they did a cat scan and it showed fluid around the right kidney and possibly infected, gave me iv antibiotics stayed overnight went home on antibiotics. Was only fever free for a few days, went to see urologist had a bladder infection. Back on antibiotics. 1 week later higher fevers came back almost 104 admitted me to the hospital did another cat scan the fluid was still there and it spread. They did a needle aspiration procedure and could not withdraw any fluid, was told their was a small abcess on my kidney where they froze it. After 6 days I was realesed and my dr referred me to an oncologist and he agreed it was fluid from the freezing and infected and I also had blood in the fluid, why they were not able to aspirate any fluid out I do not know. He said it sometimes can take the body awhile to absorb the fluid. My kidney surgeon only came in once and was telling us he really didn't know what to do so of course he is no longer my urologist. I have been sick and weak since the surgery and just can't seem to get any better. I am having another cat scan Dec 1st. That will be 3 ct's in a month. Chest exray is clear blood work is a mess my creatin levels are double than normal. I can't wait to see this new kidney dr, I hope he can get me to feeling better,the one I had would never return my calls when I was sick. Sorry so long just needed to vent.

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My name Icemantoo has nothing to do with this freezing procedure. My father and grandfather were in the retail ice business, hence the name Icemantoo. When I had the surgery in 2002 this new freezing procedure was not available. Your story should give second thoughts to not only new patients who may opt for this procedure, but to the doctors also who do this. That being said there is a risk in every surgery whether it be a full nepheroctomy or this freezing procedure. I hope your recovery takes a turn for the better.


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Thanks for the laugh, I needed that! I am one of those people if something goes wrong it will happen to me kinda like if it weren't for bad luck you wouldn't have any at all! No that's not completly true I am still alive may be a little sick but have an excellent prognosis. My surgeon said he has done many cyroablations and it is normal to have some kidney secretions afterward. The only thing I would caution people about is this is still considered "experiamental" they don't have the long term sucsess rate yet since they have only been doing this procedure for a couple years or so. Thanks icemantoo!

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Hi Autumn4,
You certainly have the right to vent and you're definitely at home here. I am really sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience but you have the right attitude! I'm glad to hear that you changed doctors though. Doctors are not always right and just as with any profession you have good ones and you have bad ones. I hope that you recover soon and have a better outcome with the new dr. I hope you will let us know how it goes. Wish you all the best!

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