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allergic reaction to chemo

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mom had an allergic reaction at chemo today.
she has Avastin & 5-FU.

my heart hurts...
i have nothing else to say.

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to help to deal with it, what doctors say?

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I know how it feels, personally. I always have a reaction. they give me decadron IV the whole time with a Benadryl push at the beginning of each infusion and now they are adding a Benadrly push in the middle too since having just one push isn't keeping the allergic reaction away. They have also now been ordered to keep the crash cart out in the infusion room when I'm there ... just in case.

See that they pre-med her with the Benadryl before they start the infusion and make sure that the doctor orders it for her if they are going to keep her on this chemo.

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I'm sorry your mom had an allergic reaction today. I hope she is feeling better.

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I hope she feels better soon.

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I'm so sorry about your heartache.


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I had a reaction on my very last chemo, had to go out with a bang I guess. My face turned bright red and I had welts all over. They pulled me off the chemo gave me benadryl and I believe Epi. After about 20 minutes they put me back on the chemo. It was the Oxy, that vile sh*t. Still to this day I am not sure if it was a true allergic reaction or just a toxicity issue with the Oxy building up in me after 11 chemos. Good luck to your mom, I hope this is nothing and it will some how be resolved. {{hugs}}

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