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My dad who is 66 yrs old was diagnosed with Stage 3b Squamous NSCLC on Wednesday. I know we are still in shock as anyone would be. The dr was did not give a very good pronosis. He informed my dad that without treatment... well I am sure you all know the story (and its GOD who knows when its our time not DRS!!). The plan of action as we know it is 7 weeks of radiation 5x a week and 1x a week of chemo. I have heard that every one is different with the chemo and each may have a different side effect.
He is scared just as we are. This doesn't have to be a death sentenceand.Any advice to give him? How many of you are survivors of this particular cancer? Did you have any secrets on handling the chemo and radiation? I do want to note that I am not impressed with any of the statisics on the web or what the dr tells you. I know there has to be more survivors with amazing stories. Any information would be helpful.

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I am survivor of squamous cell carcinoma, both head/neck and lung. They did a lower right lobectomy to get rid of the stuff in my lung.

That was in Jan of 08 and I am still here.

Not guaranteeing that I will be here forever. I am sort of dreading my next CT scan, in fact, but I do that as a general rule.

In the meantime, I am alive, and so is your dad.

Rather than concentrataing on potential choices, consider that you still have dad, that you have time to spend with him, and that instead of crying about it, you can rejoice in the realization of what mortallity is and celebrate your dad's life while he is here.

This is not to say that he is going anywhere, don't get me wrong. He is probably here for the long haul, frankly, especially if he quits the behaviours that btought about his cancer to begin with , the smoking and drinking, I would imagine.

In the meantime, take care of yourself, too. Do not let this overwhelm you, do not let this consume you. You can not give good care if you don't take good care of the giver, my friend.

Best wishes.

Take care,


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Hi, my name is Bill. I am a lung cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with adenocarcenoma and had the upper lobe of my right lung removed. I then went through chemo which is obviously no picnic but I'm still here to tell you about it. Yes everyone is different but this is not a death sentence as I'm sure it probably feels so. I know that's what I thought also. What cancer did do for me, is it gave me a big wake up call as to what is really important in life. Pray when you go to bed for one more day, and when you wake up thank God for another day, live it like it's your last and pray again when you go to bed for another. It's gonna be a rough road ahead for a while but all the caring and understanding will be very helpful and don't give up the fight. My thoughts and prayers will be with you, Bill

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Thank you for your replies. I guess we are still in the intial shock of things. We made a pact not to talk about it every single moment of the day but to enjoy eachother now. I wish nothing but the best for both of you and pray that you both remain in remission (as they call it) Its amazing and very inspiring to hear how well you are doing and handling it.

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Guess we all got a story.
I hate the Stats we all look up on the Net.
I did that the other day an depressed the Sh-t out of my self..
But we have to know . Funny thing only one know the answer .
Tell your Dad I smoked for 52 years drank a little also .
I have the same cancer he has they removed my left lung an some of those node things.
That was in 2006.
I am still here,some days are not so good.It's been a fight some times.
But I just think look at all the joy I am spreading!!!!
A little bull also.
Prayers help.
Bless you an you family hope everything turns out good .
Hope My story helps.
It is a bad thing Cancer an Until you have been there you can not begin to know or understand. It gets better but never leaves your mind.
So if he dwells on it a forgive him an try an listen .

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I also was 66 yrs old when dx in May 2008 nscl cancer stage 3b had chemo once every 3 weeks and radiaion every day for 7 weeks same time. Side effects would hit me 3 days after chemo, some nausea and fatigue and would last for about 1 1/2 days. The radiation took about 10 minutes each session and only problem i had with it was burnt esophagus after about 20 treatments. Extreme fatigue hit 2 weeks after all treatment complete, but slowly did get better. Now 2 1/2 years later doing very well, have ct-scan every 3 months, next one Dec 6th. Stop smoking 21 years ago, drinking 17 yrs. ago. Not an easy road but it can be done and you have come to a great site, the people here are the greatest. The best to your Dad and family.... Dan620

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