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chemo for ca recurrance

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Anyone need to have chemo for a recurrance. I no longer take up iodine and have few options available to me. I was offered chemo. Anyone use chemo as a tx.

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I take chemo pills.(Nexevar) Not for recurrance. But for Mestastasis to lungs. I've been taking it since July. I have yet to find out if it is working.

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I haven't heard of any type of chemo for thyca. Just the nexevar for shrinking the tumors that have metasisized. Surgery, RAI, and external beam radiation are the only things I have heard of to prevent re-occurance but the ETBR is hard on the body, especially the neck. My onc says he will only do it one time and that is after I have had as much surgery on my neck as I can safely tolerate. If you do hear of a chemo, well, be cautious.

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