Saw Onc and here is the plan

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Just to remind you: I currently have two tumors in liver and on right ovary and ascites. I am having them drained weekly. The fluid tested negative for cancer which is good.

Duke wants me to have some chemo and get the fluid under control before they do anything. So, on Monday I will start Xelox plus Avastin. We are hoping for shrinkage and no fluid so that we can look into having RFA to liver, ovary out and I would really like some hernia repairs - that is a quality of life issue for me - they may not care though.

So we shall see how things go. I handled Xeloda very well during radiation - no sign of hand - foot. They will give me the Cal/Mag for neuropathy and maybe I will be one of the ones it works for.

Will keep y'all posted.



  • pepebcn
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    Catherine glad you got a
    plant ! lm sure it will work!
    hugs and prayers for the success of the plan!
  • AnneCan
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    Good luck with the new plan!
  • bruins1971
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    Good Luck
    God Bless and good luck with the new treatment plan.
  • msccolon
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    fight on!
    Sounds like a great plan! I'm sure you will do well and before you know it you will be recovering from surgery and looking to the future! Sounds like Duke is taking good care of you! Stay strong!
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    Sounds like a solid plan. Sorry you will have to go through surgery yet again but if they can get the cancerous overy out, RFA the liver, then it really is a solid plan. The ascites I heard is a real pain but no cancer cells is good news if there is good news in all of this.

    Take care - Tina