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Friday Riddle

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Remember NO Googling or searching the Internet allowed and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My age is half of a perfect square.
My age is 2 times a perfect square.
My age is one-eighth of a perfect square.
Reverse the digits of my age to get a perfect square.

How old am I?

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My brain shut down on this one! I have a severe aversion to anything related to numbers!
( unless it involves a great percentage off a sale item! )

My daughter with the Mathematics degree told me the anwser! Very interesting!

Hope all you Math brains have fun!

Take Care,


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is also a perfect square.

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My age is 18-

18 is 1/2 of 36 (6X6)
18 is 2X9
18 is 1/8 of 144 (12X12)
18 reversed is 81

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