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Adding a chest CT tomorrow

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My PET is tomorrow. First a meeting with the NP, with the onc joining us at the end. We're going over chemo options due to my allergic reaction last Thursday. Then I'm having a chest CT before the PET. I've had ridiculous chest pain and pressure the last two days - different and worse than from Neulasta before. Last night I wondered if I was having a heart attack. Onc and I both think it is still probably caused by the Neulasta and maybe the Avastin causing high BP or something. Since I did get a PE last winter on chemo, we need to check it out. I fly to Mexico on Monday and really need to be able to go without worrying there is something wrong with lungs or heart, or a PE. He trusts my judgement and let me wait till tomorrow on the CT - as long as I agreed to go to the ER if I get worse or have changes. One business will do the CT and leave my IV in so I can go next door for the PET (because they sold their PET/CT to the other company and don't have one anymore). I thought they should be able to run the CT with contrast after the PET to check for PE's. My onc did too. My second PET was a PET/CT and they ran contrast at the end. That was using the SAME machine I'll get my PET/CT with tomorrow. Different owners now and suddenly the machine can't do what it did before? Frustrating...

Got the late onset BIG D today. I'm eating Imodium like candy, and it now seems to be working. I'm continuing them for two days this time - even if I'm ok for 24-hours, I am not stopping. I will take one in advance of eating each time. Because otherwise I think I'm ok, then I eat, then 30 minutes or so later I'm on the run again. Do NOT want to be dealing with it during scans tomorrow.

Because my scan is late enough tomorrow, I didn't have to adjust my diet today at all. No sugar or carbs tomorrow morning. I can have proteins, but they'd have to be before 8AM when I leave for NP appt. I can't have food after 9AM. Water until 10AM, but nothing for 2 hours prior to CT. It will be a few hours after that before I'm done with PET. Another crazy day ahead. I'll get results of chest CT tomorrow afternoon. But I don't think I'll get PET results till I am back from Mexico - next chemo day 02DEC. That's a long wait. Curiosity will get me and I'll probably try to find out sooner. But I really don't have any scanxiety related to the PET. I'm more worried about the possibility of a PE screwing up my trip. So if the CT is good, I'm happy.

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Hi Kathryn,

Well, how frustrating about the scanner not being able to do the combo PET/CT anymore! If it's any consolation, supposedly the regular CT provides a better picture than the CT in the PET/CT scan. My recent results kept referring to things not being visible on the "limited noncontrast CT". They've never run any contrast through when I've had the PET/CT- just on the CT. I've actually not had a regular CT since changing oncs a year and a half ago- just PET/CT's.
Anyhow, I will be thinking of and praying for you as you go through all this tomorrow & also so there's no "Big D" problems.
You take care & keep looking forward to the trip to Mexico.


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Hope the scans show nothing new and hopefully something better. I'll be thinking of you today.

Have a fun, relaxing time in Mexico.


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Good luck with your scans. Enjoy turkey day in Mexico!

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Hope all goes well with the scan and no new items to worry about.

Wishing you a good trip to Mexico.

Marie who loves kitties

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live to Mexico as much calm as possible so good luck tomorrow, (by the way l don't understand the Acronym PE , can anybody clarify it?).
by the way ,will you be on the Internet while in isla?.

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We will definately have you in our thoughts and prayers tonight.
Linda and Ellie

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You have been through so much. Hoping that your scan goes well tomorrow.


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I'll be praying for you tomorrow and hope all goes well. Have a wonderful trip to Mexico.



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I'm just praying things start looking up for you very soon.


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Thinking of you.

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and a great trip to Mexico

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