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Procedure results

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Flexsigmoidoscopy was today. Report as follows: Flexible sigmoidoscopy - normal. Minimal radiation changes. No evidence of residual tumor. Biopsy taken. Repeat exam - 1 year.

Dr. said that everything looked just as he expected it should. I have had biopsies with every sigmoid, this was the fifth one since my dx in 2008. He said they should call with the results by next Wednesday and that he is expecting no surprises. BREATHE!!! I was so anxious this past week, it feels good to be able to relax.

I had a fantastic time in Nashville and returned to a surprise birthday party 16 hours after our plane landed. Bone weary tired!!! Still playing catch-up. I will post in a day or two with more details of the trip and some pictures.

Blessings to all,

@Martha - sorry to say I did not see Trace :(

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Well, I'm sorry you didn't see Trace too! I'm sure if he'd known in advance that you were there, he would have searched you out! I guess I should have called him! :) I hope you had a good time.

Congratulations on the great news on your scope! I'm so very, very happy for you. Your doctor sounds very confident that the biopsy will come back negative, so I hope your anxiety level has dropped to nil--I'm sure you'll get the all clear. You'll get that good news just before turkey day, so Thanksgiving should be a great way to celebrate! I'm sending you a big virtual celebratory hug--you're awesome!


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That is excellent news. Congrats and Happy Birthday!

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Great news with your exam, it sounds like there will be no surprises with the biopsy results. What a nice way to celebrate your birthday. You must have some really good friends. I look forward to seeing the pictures. Lori

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So happy for you and grateful that it all turned out well.


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