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Had hemoglobin transfusion today and go back for another bloodtest Friday

hopeful girl 1
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Well, I had to go back for another bloodtest today since all counts are low after my 6th chemo.My last chemo was on November 2nd.

Platelets went from 26,000 to 32,000 overnight
White count went from 1.3 to 1.2 overnight
Neutrophils went from 988 to 852 overnight
Hemoglobin from 8.1 to 8.5 overnight

It was still recommended I get the hemoglobin transfusion so I got that yesterday, 2 bags.
It takes 2 hours per bag. It actually hurt-they put the iv in my hand, and that hurt, so they pulled it out and tried to get in a few other places without success (ouch) and then put it in the other hand. It still hurt the entire time I received the transfusion. They didn't know for sure why and it's not supposed to but my hand past my wrist turned bright red, and got puffy (but not exactly next to the iv so they were ok with it) and it hurt the entire time except when they flushed the iv-so it must have been the blood that was hurting. When I got home home my hand looked better, but it is of course bruised.

And I have a bunch of marks and irritations from all the spots they tried to get it in. Was not a fun day. I am sure hoping that I will not need any more transfusions. That is the first time I ever had any iv's hurt, for either chemo or previous transfusions.

I go back tomorrow, Friday, for another bloodtest because they have to keep a close eye on the platelets. Mine have been a problem after chemo 4, and now chemo 6. Even though normally when they start heading up they continue up, sometimes they do not, and that is my pattern, of going up and then sometimes down again on counts. If platelets get to 10,000 they have to give you a transfusion.

So wish me luck and please send good vibes for better counts.

Hugs and healing thoughts to all,


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I had a hard time with RBC and plateletes when I was getting carbo/taxol. I also didn't have a port at that time and my veins were in bad shape from the chemo. I went home from my 6th carbo/taxol infusion (March 2009) with 2 goose-egg bumps on my hands after the IV team had to be called in to stick me. But I never had trouble with the actual transfusions and I felt so much better after them. It sounds like they needed to slow down your drip; maybe they will if you tell them the blood hurts you going in. I do wish you luck, Cindy. I hope all the needles are behind you forver!! That could be your reality! :D

hopeful girl 1
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I have never had trouble with previous transfusions either. That was the first time an iv ever hurt. My hand up to my wrist was bright red and swelling. I had a nurse that I have had once before for chemo, that I don't find to be as competent, perhaps she didn't set it on the correct speed. Not sure. She did a couple of incorrect things on my last chemo as well.

Anyway they are watching me on the platelets.

Had another blood test today and I dropped again on white cells/neutrophils and platelets

Platelets went from 32,000 to 25,000
WBC from 1.2 to 1.1
Neutrophils from 852 to 600
Hemaglobin went up to 11.2 (after the transfusion).

I am really nervous about the platelets....I too had a lot of trouble after chemo 4 although the lowest they dropped was 69,000 that time. My 6th chemo was Nov 2nd and today my platelets are 25,000. My mono number is high-and I have read your posts that that may indicate bone marrow recovery is coming so I hope so.

Wish me luck I have to go for another bloodtest tomorrow. If I get to 10K they are giving me a platelet transfusion.


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Iam glad you responded so well to the Blood transfusion. Using the hand veins is tough because they can be real small and fragile. Blood is thick and sometimes can be uncomfortable. To tell you the truth your hand should not have gotten red or swollen. Did your hand recover? The time I got 2 units my hand was really discolored and took quite a few days to return to normal But I did feel better after getting blood.
Don't get nervous if after about a couple of weeks your hemoglobin goes down a little, because transfused cells don't last as long as the blood cells your body makes yourself.
I will continue to think good thoughts in hoping your counts continue to rise.


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