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burning sensation in breast after 14years after breast cancer, chemo and radiation

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I have had a burning "Feeling" in my breast for about a year now, I have had
breast scar tissue removed and an implant replaced and the burning sensation has
returned. My doctor said they don't know why I have this burning feeling and did not
guarantee that it would stop after removeing scar tissue inside the breast and replacing the implant. Does anyone know what can be done to stop the burning feeling?
Do Others have this problem?

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Congratulations!! On 14 years clear and cancer free..I'm sorry I can't help you as I have not heard this before. I hope it stops and you feel better soon. Could it be nerves after all this time. Your in my prayers darlin and please keep us posted Kay

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Congrats from me too you have come along way as I am sure you feel the same. Nerve damage can stay with us in forms of disorders and the sensations can all be different. Allot of my problems now stem from pain related diseases that can all of sudden kick in if I am not taking care of myself and doing too much. I have had double mastectomy and the trauma just from surgery is great.
I do have times when there is a burning sensation and I have just chalked it up to healing even after all these years. I have pain issues in one arm and shoulder and they don't believe taking out a couple of lumps will help my situation either and have to let it go knowing they are the ones who should know better.
There are plenty of nerve medications out there that might help and sometimes though the burning is not there physically that can still be seared into the brain and the path needs to be changed.
I have done allot to change the cycles of pain in me and continue to fight for the quality of life we all deserve.

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