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Looking for survivors of stomach cancer

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After doing battle with stage 4 stomach cancer for the last 8 months, I'm now cancer free. I was just hoping to hear from anyone who has been able to beat a stage 4 diagnosis and live a nice, long time. From what I understand, its not a common thing, but I've never been one to rely on statistics alone. I'm a survivor and plan on being one for a VERY LONG time.

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Dear dustmagnet7,
Your overcoming of this dreaded disease has provided a sliver of hope to me and family.

I request you to kindly share the name of the institute and possibly of the doctor(s) who treated you so that we can also seek help from them.

Looking forward to your reply with bated breath.


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I read about your story and wonder if you can share your story with me on how you beat this stage four cancer. My mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the stomach and is now in the hospital. Pls if you can tell me what you did and which doctors or specilaists treated you.


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My cousin in Egypt had stomach and bowl cancer a year ago. He went  through surgery and removed most of his stomach and a small part of his small intestine then chemo then he began regaining his health for a month. Then all of a sudden he started getting horrible cramps 24 hours a day. It has been 2 months since he had eaten and his tummy started getting as rough as cement. He went to doctors and they don't know what is wrong. He is constantly on Morfen to cope with the pain. He did not sleep for two months.

Any one out there know of someone experienced similar symptoms?

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i have stage 4 cancer. I was diagnosed last year may. stage 4 so no option for operation. I wanted see how you are doing and if you can share your experience. 

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Would like to hear from anyone that has survived stage IV stomach cancer and total gastrectomy. 

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I know this won't answer your question, but a friend of my son's had his stomach removed 18 years ago and is doing very well. My husband just had his entire stomach removed July 2015. The though of knowing someone having the same operation and living that long gives me hope. My husband is 57 years old. I don't know if have had or will have your stomach removed but I hope you find this news assuring as well.

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Hi had stomach removed on Sept 17, 2015 had tumor near the esphagus and stomach joining. Had three chemo treatments that reduced the size of tumor till was not picked up on pet scan. but still doctor recommended removing whole stomach.  Which pathology report proved that cancer cells still in the stomach.  Being a diabetic, over weight, and 73 years old. played major role in the surgery.  Was in hospital for 40 days due to blood clots, heart attack, and abcess.  Home now and haveing a major problem with eating real food.  Have Jtube take glarcerna 1.5 for 12 hours at night.  None during the day. Small amounts of jello, or popcicle is about all I can keep down.  would like to hear from others who have been through this same surgery.  thanks, Kent Wells

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Have a real problem with have a lot of flem like clean thick like substance that I cough up continuely.  And when I try to eat real food like cream potatoes or soft type foods, I seem to feel like it stops so far down.  This cough is tough, Has anyone else that had stomach removed and have a Jtube for some nutrition had this problem.  It is driving me and whole house nuts.  thanks for any help.  Kent.

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My husband is 40 stomach cancer survivor. he had total gasterectomy  2014. Like everybody th first year was so difficult. Now he looks great, je's 69 kl-70kl he just lost 7 kilo since he got sick never gain more.  He eats like he do as normal 3x aday brown rice vegetable  fish. Friends sometimes joke at him he eats a lot compare to them. Doctor says eat slowly , eat every 2 hrs  small servings. He hates it so he just adoted to eat as normal almost 2 cups of brown rice and vegetables fish. He drinls every morning green juices  with curcima and ginger , and i thinlk it works, hes ok. 

But as a wife i want to make sure if  hes gonna be okay  like AMYINSC she' 30 yrs onwards.  My husband scans results last 3 months says hes okay does it mean hes cancer free and he wil notsuffer again


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