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Recurrence on Vaginal cuff

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Well I just wanted to post to ask if anyone has had this issue. I had a 3 month check-up last week and my doctor's assistant did the examine and felt a thickening of the vaginal cuff so they did a biopsy. I just received the call that it is cancer again. I don't know what the plan is next, I am waiting for a call from the doc or assistant to see if it's Doxil again or something else. I had no bleeding or any signs of problem, and in Aug. I had a scan and it came back o.k. in that area. I do have nodules in my lungs that were small and the doctor wanted me to stay off chemo as long as I could. If anyone has had this what did your doctor do for you? I already had radiation in that area so I know that I can't have that done again.
Hugs from Oregon

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That is just heartbreaking news. The photo that accompanies your name expresses exactly how i feel now. I know i'm supposed to say you'll be fine and all that, and i'm of a mind that you will, but for right now, my heart is just broken for you.

if there is anything i can do let me know. i'll send you my new phone number in an email.
i'm just kinda stunned.

With love and caring in my heart,


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Sharon.....my heart is so sad about your update. You have been such a warrior and it just doesn't seem right that you now have to deal with a vaginal cuff recurrance. I guess no one said life was fair...but this is just plain TOO MUCH!!

Will await your update once your hear the plan. Please know that you remain in my thoughts! Am sending positive, healing energy your way!


Always Hopeful
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I am so sorry to hear about the vaginal cuff recurrance. I can relate to your news. After/during my initial carbo (6x's) and taxol (18 weeks), there was major tumor growth throughout my abdomen and pelvis, including on the vaginal cuff and sigmoid colon. It seems that I was immune to the chemo. Devastation was what I initially felt. I finally had to convince myself to pick myself up and start all over again. Not too long after the scan results, the vaginal cuff tumor started bleeding. It was decided to do 10 sessions of external radiation (IMRT)to the cuff, as well as the sigmoid colon. The bleeding has stopped, the tumor did shrink and it is now "dying" as evidenced by the discharge that I am experiencing. In addition, I have just completed one cycle of GEMZAR and will be seeing my med onc on Friday. She is hoping to add AVASTIN (1st and 3rd week of the cycle) to the GEMZAR (once/week for three weeks then one week off).

You mentioned that you already received radiation to the vaginal cuff. If it was brachytherapy, I'm hoping that you might still be able to receive external radiation. I'm sure your doc and perhaps others on this board will be able to provide you with the info.

I hope you will soon receive a call from your doc to discuss this all further with you. The limbo state of affairs is just so stressful.

Again, I am so very sorry to hear of this recurrence...hang in there...I will prayer for much strength and hope for you for all that is ahead.

Peace and hope, JJ

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So sorry about the recurrence. Maybe this is a little consolation for you. My doc told me early on the vaginal cuff is the most common recurrence site. He confidently said "I can cure it 90% of the time!" Good odds.

I hope you can enjoy some distraction from worry over the next 2 weeks and enjoy a restful and joyous Thanksgiving. My prayers are with you.

Mary Ann

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Thank you all for your replies, I am of course so afraid of what is next but reading Mary Ann's reply did help a bit. I still have not heard back from the doc's office yet. Don't they know that once they tell you something bad they should hurry up with the next step so you don't freak out about the recent news? I don't know about most of you but I am just imagining that this freakin monster is chomping away like Pac-Man and something has to be done now. Well, it's 2 p.m. here in Oregon so I am waiting a little longer then I am going to call. The saga continues...........

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Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. My 3 sisters were visiting for a week, so I was not on the computer while they were here. I am so sorry to hear about the vaginal cuff recurrence. I was so glad you got a "chemo break". Glad to hear the lung nodules have not increased. It will be interesting to hear what the doctor recommends. The waiting for the plan is so hard.

Your granddaughter is precious. In peace and caring.

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I am sad to hear your news. But OK time to gather the troops and get ready for another battle. I know you will truly win the war in this one. We are all pulling for you. Keep us posted.

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Sending hugs your way...I go for an internal exam too this week and always sweat it...

Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers....

Hang in and keep us posted!


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I too have read that curing vaginal cuff recurrance has good odds. In fact, my Obgyn often doesn't recommend brachytherapy because of this. Hang tough. Let us know. Good days and bad days. We do love you.


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