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What a screwed up day with my screwed up brain

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Kerry S
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My Rad Onc at the country hospital called and she said the guy that reads the MRI said the tumor looks like a benign one like Pat talked about with her mother. The Onc said I should at least get a biopsy done. This was a damn nice way to start the day. Should have known better then to get too positive.

We then get with the brain guy and he said hell it is only one small step from getting to it to biopsy the damn thing and just getting it the hell out of there. They will just cut a hole in my right temple to get to it. He said that it is in a sack and they just pull out the sack. 2 days in hospital at the most.

For the best out come I would have to have full brain radiation treatments after the operation. NO CHEMO!!! The scary old woman pointed out that if he gets it out and finds it benign we just skip the damn radiation.

This hospital also has a Cyberknife type deal also. They call it Trilogy. The trilogy doc is going to look at the MRI tomorrow to see what he thinks.

We did not get out of his office until 7 pm and then the 2 hr drive home.

The scary old woman was driving as I am not supposed to due to the seizures. She can’t see at night. I would rather not see a wreck coming my way. I drove home! Scary old woman just made me talk to her ALL the way home to make sure I was still in there.

While it was an informative day, it was a basic cluster F%#@ cancer day.

However, I still have my Attitude Attitude Attitude to beat this crap.

I will get my “brain tumor card” laminated as I am going to use the hell out of it for the rest of my life. It still trumps the cancer and chemo brain card.


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You are one amazingly strong man. I totally agree with the doc that says may as well just take the damn thing out while they're in there. Hopefully it is just benign and you'll be good to go. Hate to hear that your options were drive with the possibility of having a seizure behind the wheel, or your wife drives without being able to see at night; not good options. Please be careful, a lot of people are depending on you!

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Not a fun day for you, but, on a positive note - a benign tumor is a "good" tumor! :-) Best of luck with the surgery, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Cynthia

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One more cluster ******* day behind you. Enjoy tomorrow. Happy hunting.

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I have been wondering all day how your day went. It sounds like other than the long day it was good news + let's hope they are absolutely right + it is benign - as your lovely wife says then no radiation! Regardless, IMHO, "in a sac" is good! You are one inspirational man; I love your attitude attitude, attitude! And I think your wife is lovely!

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I have just one thing to say to you.
You go guy, you go!!!!
Winter Marie

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Whew!! Happy to hear the news! I will be keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with this. However, not happy to hear that you were behind the wheel..... You went through all this BS and then to risk losing it in an accident? Tsk, tsk! But then again, we gotta do what we gotta do!!

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Kerry and Susie,
I am so sorry that you had such a sucky day yesterday but I am SO elated that they think the tumor is benign.Yes, my Mom had a small tumor in her brain behind her ear for many years.It was found through MRI after she started having dizzy spells. It was small enough that they decided to watch it with MRI's yearly. Hers never grew anymore. Yours looks larger and even though benign hopefully, it can cause damage so you probably do need it outta' there. We certainly don't want it to damage the humor portion of your brain...now do we:)

Take care. Thanks for updating us. We worry about you.Get some rest today!

Best wishes to you and scary lady.


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Most all people have them but very few have them grow to the size that it effects performance...Most are encapsulated and unless the enlarge (as yours did) they are never worried about.....In my opinion buddy, thats great news....benign is a word that we love to hear........Looks as though the log splitter is gonna get some special attention.......Lemme know if ya need some help......buzz

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Kerry S
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Buzz my friend, I have to stay away from the log splitter for a while. I could have one of those brain f#rts and take a hand or fingers right off. I did get a warning of blurred vision when I had them for a few minutes. The nero guy said it is the pressure on the brain stem.

Hell, I need both hands to used the tumor card.


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Dear Kerry,

All in all if ya gotta have a bad day, having one that includes "benign" in it is the best kind.

So very glad that the news was as positive as it was, and I agree...why leave the sucker in there if they can get it out with no problem.

Now about that driving...you and your lovely wife need to be careful...am sure that somewhere along that 2 hr. drive there had to be a nice "Motel 6 with the light on for ya" or some other brand. I know you were anxious to get home for those deer, but we want you safe!

Take care friend and you and the wife give each other a big hug from all of us!

Marie who loves kitties

PS Glad to see the Attitude Attitude Attitude is still there!

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What good news! I am so happy to hear this. Sorry the day was a long one ... but at least some good came from it.

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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for benign!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Sounds like your visit to the doctors was a good one especially if they think it is benign. Yup might as well just get it out. Good luck on getting that deer.


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Good news!

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Surgery is never fun, but I think I gotta go with the surgeon on this one. If they are already getting in there to biopsy, might as well take the dang thing out so it can't cause more trouble.

Sorry you had a long, crazy day. Too many of those when dealing with our health...

Let us know about Trilogy - hope that works for you - should be less invasive.

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just a benign tumor! .
Hugs Kerry.

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Sounds like good news Kerry. We will be praying for you.
Linda and Ellie
PS, I was telling my Mom about you and the "chemo card" the other day. She decided to use it tonight when she didn't feel like getting up off the couch to get some cookies. She made it sound really good and pathetic too, lol.

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Good Good news Kerry! Who ever though another hole in the head would be good!!! Best to you. Jean

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that is great news!
Now you can get back to deer hunting!

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Sounds like our Kerry is back I LIKE THAT!

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I had brain surgery when I was 8 years old. It wasn't cancer I was hit in the head by a girl friend with a hammer. I went blind and my brain began to swell. They did surgery and I'm still here. This was back in 1958 when brain surgery was rare. My vision is fine today; my curly hair got shaved off which apparently got me the girls when I was 8; my wife said I was lucky because the surgery made more room in my head for my ego; and I learned never give a hammer to a girl friend. My point is today they are light years into what goes on in our heads and if needed they can do the job. If you lose your curly hair you still have the hat:) Lou

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Louis, I am glad this turned out okay; it sounds serious. I think you should read the poem by Eric38 posted by Ericsangel on how important it is to choose friends carefully.

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I cannot believe that you call your wife such names and she is willing to drive you home from the hospital......but such good news to hear about that brainy thing.

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