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Small Spot on Spine

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I have been having some lower back pain for several months and finally had a CT last month. The CT shows that I have a 4mm Spot on my L2 vertebrae. My onc thinks it might be a bone island, but sent me for a bone scan. The bone scan did not light up for mets, however they say that anything that small will not light up anyway. The spot is too small to biopsy so the onc says "we will keep an eye on it". I am scared witless, as I am constantly reminded that it is there because of the discomfort. It is not excruciating pain, but just uncomfortable. My research on bone islands indicates they are usually benign tumors but my mind tells me, "what are the odds that I would happen to develop a benign bone island during my treatments". I am scared because I know that bone mets are not a good sign.

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Just read this today.."The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center.So does a person." Same goes for positive thinking and energy.Prayers being sent your way.

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The results of my MRI came in today and there is no sign of mets to my spine! I do have some arthritis in the area where I am experiencing pain which may have been aggravated by my 30 day stint on the radiation table. In any case I am one happy camper!

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This is great news! Sorry about the arthritis in the area, but that can be worked on. I only wish continued good news for you. Lori

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Good news is always good to hear, i also get worried about aches and pains that come up. Best wishes and prayers for you in this fight....... Dan620

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Glad u r ok..... man cancer has more ups and downs than any coaster I've been.

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Glenna M
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Congratulations on the great news!!

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