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6 weeks post op 1 day pre chemo

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I reached the magic day to resume normal activity after my life-changing surgery six weeks ago, I am not counting my port placement, and I returned to my exercise class today!!!!! I almost geared up with the warm welcome back from everyone but that could be from the menopause, nah it was truly, moving to start acting normal again, see old friends and feel my body accomplishing something instead of deteriorating for a change. I start chemo tomorrow but I hope and pray it doesn't beat me down like the surgery did.

With no hormone replacement therapy or antidepressants to treat my acute menopause and stage 4 cancer diagnosis I can testify that exercise in even a feeble attempt, is great for body and soul, these beautiful autumn days are the perfect time to walk, so go for it if you can fellow cancer warriors. ( and the marital bed is back too!)



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problems , hope the same with you!.
Hugs and go ahead!

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Sounds like things are going well for you all around! Sounds like your body is recovering well as is your mind! Keep strong and keep fighting!

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So??? What you are saying is just keep moving? I agree ... but, sometimes my best move is just to the bathroom! hahahaha Congratulations on your recovery and making it back to the gym.

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Hi Amber,

Glad to hear you're feeling well enough to get back to the exercise class again- good for you! I'll be thinking of you with starting up chemo tomorrow. Expect that it will slow you down for a few days after each chemo infusion, but hopefully not more than that.
For the menopause stuff, I've dealt with that too- some major, major hotflashes. I have found that absolute best help for it is acupuncture. My cancer center actually offers acupuncture for free, which has been great. I was always leery of it before, but my onc talked me into going to help manage the nausea when I was having trouble with that. It worked some for that, but they also said while I was there getting it anyhow that they could also target the acupuncture treatment on anything else bothering me too. My "other" things were the hot flashes and lower back pain. It worked wonders for both! I think I would recommend acupuncture for back pain more than going to a chiropracter, even!
I don't know that I would have ever tried it, if it hadn't been for the cancer center offering it for free but, now that I know how well it worked for me, I'm advocating it to everyone!

Take care and let us know how chemo goes for you.



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Hi Amber!
Since I start chemo next Monday I'll be following you closely.
I will pray for you not to have bad side effects.
Hang in there, this really isn't any fun is it.

God bless,

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amber I am so proud of you....and congrats on gettin movin again. It does feel wonderfully good doesn't it? and so nice to see people and feel semi-normal again.

Good luck with your chemo and try to keep moving then too.....just a little walking will really help. I remember thinking some days I could not be bothered but if you are nauseated taking a little walk will feel better than lying down.....

good for you.....keep up the good fight


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Sounds like you're firing on all cylinders! *grins*


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Hey Amber - Sounds like things are going fairly well. Hope you tolerate the chemo. I had surgery 7 months ago and I still get tired just thinking about exercising. Way to go.
Take Care,

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