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Scan Results

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The wait was killing me and then I get to the Dr. and they forget me. I literally had to wait 45 minutes before one of the techs came out and said OMG I forgot you.
Anyway, the news is OK not great as in no cancer detected but OK as in the tumor has shruken consierably from 20 X 11 cm to 6 X 3cm. What we don't know is if it is active cancer or just some scar tissue or the tumor isn't done shrinking yet. It seems radiation can still be working for another month and the tumor can shrink more, not be active cancer, or be active cancer ( this is an option we don't want). So, a month from now I get to have some scanziety all over again while awaiting PET scan results.
I'm still basically living on soup and I'm still tired of it, I want a bacon cheeseburger in the worst way...ahhh maybe next week.

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That big ol' tumor has shrunk quite a bit! Hopefully by next month it will be even smaller or gone all together. I will keep you in my prayers for a clean as a whistle PET scan.

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Well...go get yourself a cheese burger !!! You deserve it!!

Well after 22 weeks of chemo and 10 weeks of radiation, I will get my post-treatment CT/PET this Monday.
This should tell the whole deal I hope.
Last scan about 1/2 way through treatment showed main lung tumor reduced 60% to egg size, but central lymphs stayed stable (nice way of saying they did not get larger, but they did not get smaller either).

So we will see, I will keep all posted. I feel great and people say I look good too, they also then said for a while I looked like S__T.! I said thanx, I appreciate that you kept that to yourself when I looked like S__T !!

IIIB NSCLC, Adenocarcinoma

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