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I got my PET/CT results back

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My dr called me today, tomorrow is supposed to be my surgery.
Apperently the tumor is bigger then she thought it's 7cm, its apperently very aggressive that a word I want to hear when you are talking about tumors inside me.
She said she isnt sure if the surgery will be able to be done because of the size of the tumor, but tomorrow she will do a laparoscopy and take a good look at everything.
I will be on chemo and radiation for 6 weeks she said.
Right now Im really scared and depressed more then I have been.
I'm thinking about things that I havent before some good and bad.
Its funny what cancer does to you it makes you look at everything so differently.
I have 3 children 12,8(will be 9 next month and has aspergers) and 6 and my 6yr old just lost her father to cancer 9 months ago.
I have been thinking about wills and what will happen to my kids? Im a single mom.
I look at the leaves differently now too, as if I have never seen them before.
I believe in God but he tests me way to much and I dont know how much more I can take.
I need/want answers.
On top of it all Im so hungry I have been on a liquid diet since yesterday and its not fun I want food lol.


Always Hopeful
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I am so sorry to hear that the size of your tumor may impede the surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with you for much success tomorrow.

Peace and hope, JJ

Always Hopeful
Posts: 234
Joined: May 2010

I am so sorry to hear that the size of your tumor may impede the surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with you for much success tomorrow.

Peace and hope, JJ

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Double Whammy
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Are you sure she said she might not be able to do surgery at all or that she might not be able to do the surgery laparoscopically and will have to revert to open surgery?

Sending hugs to you for tomorrow.


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You're in my thoughts during your process. Just know this cancer is scary but know we all seem to get thru as best we can.

I don't know enough about the size of tumors, as my 2 were very small 1-2cm each. A young girl who was in the same room I was with chemo was talking about her situation. Apparently had a tumor the size of a basketball...now that's huge! She had it "surgically" removed and at that point was enduring her chemo and later radiation. Sounds like she was able to have it removed via surgery, possibly you too?

My suggestion, confer with another surgeon? Never hurts to get 2 opinions does it.

Good luck,

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If you check the Ovarian cancer discussion board, you'll find lots of ladies that needed to do some chemo to shrink their tumors before their debulking surgery. It's scary but I think you'll be comforted by how well these ladies are doing. ((((hugs))))

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we're still missing alot of information, it may be that the surgery can be done, but not how your doctor originally thought. or maybe, as linda suggested, the tumors have to be shrunk before they can be removed. this has been a very successful technique for many kinds of large tumors.

i'm sorry to hear that you 6 year old lost her father this past year, and i know how difficult it is to be a single mom--my daughter is, but she has lots of help from family, and i hope you do as well.

at this point, depending upon what the doctor says, your job is to stay as healthy as you can, do what's necessary for the surgery, and heal. i don't think it makes sense to cross bridges we haven't come to yet, so really, it' one step in front of the other for now.

are you on a liquid diet for medical reasons, or did you just decide you wanted to try that now? if it's not for medical reasons, maybe this is not the best time.


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Sara Zipora
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Dear Vanessa,

I read your posts in awe of the amazing person you are!
Your strength and determination to see the beauty around you, is amazing. From what you have written God has indeed tested you in ways that even the Biblical forefathers could not imagine. You have proven again and again that one so young in years can rise above these trials.

I know you must be a beacon , a tower of light and warmth to your children and those special people around you. You have survived and risen above so much, may God and the love in your children's hearts give you the power to jump this hurdle too.

Looking forward to reading about your successes trouncing this 'aggressor',


Sara Zipora

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Joined: Nov 2010

I know you won't see this until after your laparoscopy, but--just want to say I understand the fear; you'll do ok.

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