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exchange of experience

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i've been with sarcoma of the soft tissue for 6 years ( it spreads in the lungs and now is in the lungs). i had 6 chemiotherapies in 2005 which turned out to be unsuccesful.Since october 2005 i am taking "Varumin".
I eliminated from my diet the red meat and all kind of proccessed food, started drinking some good pure red wine every night. I did that till 2008 when there was a recess. i had 8 chemos with
"Yondelis" and the spreading stopped. In 2010 i started taking the venom of blue scorpion ( imported from Cuba) for 3 months - the spreadings were put on hault. After that i recieved the venom of brown scorpion from Cuba. The last two years i am on Poliegra+ too.
But in this moment the spreadings are growing.
I am asking if there is someboby with desease like mine - sarcoma of the lungs- and has it more then a year please contact me so we can discuss our experience.I live in Bulgaria and here its very hard to find information about this kind of cancer.
Thank u very much
Velio Velev , 60 years old

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I am sorry to hear of your sarcoma. It usually spreads to the lungs. Where did it start from? I had liposarcoma which is in the fat

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