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Caring for a friend

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I have recently been introduced to a woman who had stage IV lung cancer 10 years ago.

she is a business woman and had let her life go, in a sense. We are united through the spiritual program of AA, and I have been called upon to assist her. She has been living under a cloud yet remain a capable woman who has lost her energy, etc. due to the chemo and radiation treatments.

I am about to embark on a journey to be her aide, friend, and business spokesperson. She is going to pay me and I feel horrible to take payment from her however, I need a paying job.

Just wanted to become a part of this forum to help me understand what it is like.

Thank you.


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She too, is in business to get paid. My wife has stage iv lung cancer and still works. Wework for ourselves and our happy to hire help so she can focus on parts of business tht generate revenue. It is a win win for all.

I do ccommend u for joining a board to get some insight to he experiences.

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Maybe you called yourself upon this person--maybe not, because you need $$ ? We just need to check ALL our motives, step 10.

Also, accepting any $$ for sobriety work is your choice, review the 12 Traditions, seems you may break a Tradition here. What does YOUR sponser say?
Accepting $$ to help someone as a caregiver, business person, etc.. is not an issue.

If it bothers you accepting $$, then something is not right in your conscious and you have to correct it.

This is my experience..

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