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Liver Biopsy on Wed!!!!

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Hello, I am a stage 3 colon cancer survivor; diagnosed April 08. A scan back in June 2010 revealed 2 small lesions on liver (1cm & 1.7cm). Doc at that time said he believed them to be blood vessels and wanted to just monitor them. Even though all bloodwork and CEA was good I did not feel comfortable with that suggestions. I sought the advice of other docs and insisted on my tests. Had a pet scan which showed nothing and then another CT Oct 11, 2010. Well, now it's 3 lesions, the report says one is "slightly more prominent now" and they are so concerned that I'm scheduled for a biopsy on Wed. I guess I'm angry with myself for not insisting on a biopsy back in June when these lesions, as he refers to them first appeared. It's confusing because all bloodwork and CEA is still great. I can't sleep, and I'm having trouble not thinking the worse. Just needed to talk.

Thanks, Val

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