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Spot on Face

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I have put this subject off for quite some time and now I must face it (no pun intended) I have this reddish spot on my cheek about 1/2" away from my nose. It came and went for the past year but now it has decided to stay and of course I am thinking it is skin cancer. I have compared it to all the pictures on the internet of different types of skin cancer and it does not look like any of them. Not quite dime size..more under the skin...kind of reddish and flaky (a little) and once in a while it itches. It has grown and continues to grow which is why I decided to get it looked at. I had a spot in that same area about 8 years ago that was indeed skin cancer (sun damage) and it was scraped off and healed just fine. This is slightly different though. I am worried. I had an appointment set up with the same Dermatologist that seen me before but he could not get me in until Feb, 2011. I pondered that for about a week and searched for a new doc that could see me immediately. I ain't going to drive myself crazy with this over the holidays and if it IS cancer I want it treated NOW. I swear..it's always something... just like with Brooks.... it just gets damn discouraging sometimes..you just wanna say..SOB!!! Enough is enough.... damn crap!


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In no way are you the only one to wonder such. I've been meaning to ask my onc, I had a dark spot on my left cheek, over the last two years it got 4 times bigger, and that was the ONE THING I was going to eventually get checked to see if it was cancer.
I kept meaning to bring it up to the onc but never did. The spot? It was so obvious in pictures, since chemo has disappeared. I still wonder...
Winter Marie

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I'm hoping that it's just a little something and not cancer. When is your appointment to get it checked out?

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So sorry for this latest issue. Will be praying that it is something a little cream or pill can take care of.

When do you see the doc?


Marie who loves kitties

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aahhh....here we are....all of us.....creating fresh cancer even if we don't have to. I suspect we all do it....I guess there is no cure except to have it checked out.

I'll betcha some cream will clear you up

how bout a hug?


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during treatment. I figured it was cancer (my rectal was squamous cell, if you remember, which is skin cancer). Turned out it was from the chemo, just like the sores in my mouth. It healed, but left a little patch of skin that doesn't grow....I suppose the beast felt it necessary to leave a reminder to keep me honest!

Call your oncologist, he/she is your primary care, to an extent. Make an appointment. It's all about making sure that you are comfortable...I always started my phone call with 'I know it's probably just canceritis, but....'

Hugs, Kathi

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I have this on my face and there is a spot that has been there for months and no matter how much medicine it gets, it still never wants to disappear. And it goto to the size of a nickle one time. I was so embarrased. Sure its nothing. Let us know what you find out.


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I honestly hope it turns out to be nothing, but a minor skin rash. But I know how you feel. Everytime I get a new ache or pain, the mind races towards the I hope the cancer isn't back scenario. Just take a deep breath and try to relax. Damn cancer really does a number on us mentally, doesn't it!


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I guess I kinda had a weak feel sorry for myself moment there..... Thank you all for being there to pick me up...dust me off... and send me on my way. I have an appointment Thursday, Nov. 18th. As soon as I know anything I will let ya'll know. Take care.


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See you at the Cabo!!!

You know I know how to change your attitude right up, huh Darlin'?

I miss that place - it was like "Cheers", everybody knew our names and what we wanted for refreshments, LOL:)

-Cabo Craig

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Is still cancer. My grandfather died of skin cancer. It started on the top of one ear and eventually killed him in his liver. My wife was born and raised on a property in the channel country in far western Queensland (Australia) Her family raised beef cattle. Sue was in the saddle mustering cattle from a very early age. Now at age 54 she has had over one thousand skin cancers ,mostly basal cell but a few squamous cell carcinomas,burned (liquid nitrogen)off and cut out. Australians are brainwashed about sun safety and the need to get skin spots checked(melanoma is a huge killer here). I urge everybody to take skin lesions seriously. Don't forget that chemo can make you seriously uv sensitive. they are easily treated Jennie the greatest danger is ignoring them. Ron.

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Thank you SO much for sharing that. I think everyone needed to hear that including me. Thanks again...... Dang, still shaking my head on that...dang


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I have some spots (on my arms and neck) that I'm thinking I need to have checked. I know it's not from chemo, since I didn't do that. I am not at all going to be surprised if it's skin cancer at some of the spots.

I hope and pray yours is just one of those things, not more cancer.


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Jennie, While I was having chemo I developed a red, dry spot to the right of my upper lip.( Is still there) Onc nurse told me it was from the chemo.

About 6 months ago I got this hard knot on the side of my face next to right ear. Went to doctor and he felt it and said " Nope, not cancer. It's a cyst." I had myself so scared it was a tumor that when he said cyst I almost cried.

Just go see about it just in case and for your own peace of mind.

Luck to you!


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Yup just after my first bout with colon cancer I had a spot appear on my face in what my doc called the laugh crease. After getting cancer don't remember laughting much but I still had a crease. It was cancer. They removed it in half hour under local with no spread. Mine wasn't a melenoma so I was luck. They did really well on the surgery can't tell it was even there. You did good get in quick while small and boom it's gone. LOu

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