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Our Friend Brooks (just4Brooks) Is In the Hospital ** UPDATED **

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Hi Everybody,

I got a call and text from our buddy, Brooks. He's been in the hospital since Wednesday and is having surgery this coming Sunday.

He's back in with bowel obstructions - the goal of the surgery is to take out the kink where his ileo was, so that this will not happen again.

I asked him if he wanted me to open up a post for him - and he said yes, please do so. I told him everyone would be worried and would want to know what was up and why he was out of pocket.

His wife is supposed to call me Sunday after the surgery with an update, and I'll pass that along as well. So, let's give him a big SHOUT OUT and get well soon!!!

The boy is on a "dialudid buzz" right about now and feeling good. He got straight enough to talk to me, LOL:)

I "prescribed" him a hit every 10-minutes, LOL:)

Get well, Brooks and get your butt back here, pronto!


Update 11-16-10
Brooks called - he will be in the hospital at least 7-10 days...gotta' get those bowels to wake up, as we all remember. Cleared out alot of scar tissue - says it hurts really bad:(
That's all I know right now.


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His daughter Alex posted this for him on Facebook, and I was so sorry to read it. Hoping and praying he gets better very soon!


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Thanks for the update.
Glad he's "enjoying" his dialudid buzz.
Please let us know as soon as you hear about how his surgery went.
Brooks!!!! Get well soon there buddy!!!!
Winter Marie

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The only positive about my hospital stay for my total obstruction was the IV drugs...lol!

Please tell his wife to give him a BIG, SLOPPY hug from me!!!

Thanks, Craig, for keeping us updated....I was beginning to miss him!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Thanks so much for letting us know.

Hey Brooks ... keep hitting that button. That's the good stuff that they don't give you to take home so enjoy! Sorry that damn obstruction got the best of you but, thank goodness they are going to take care of it so it won't be a problem anymore. I'm waiting out chemo to get my kinks taken care of because that's when I can have my reversal and didn't want to take the time to take care of one thing when if I wait I can take care of 2 things with one surgery. Hoping it all goes well for you.

Hit that button ... cheers to an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery!

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Brooks, (Thanks Craig),

Thoughts and prayers coming your way!! I pray that get things all straightened out for you.


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Kerry S
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Tell the damn doctors to put in a PVC fitting that will make a nice curve in his pluming. Like one half of a sink P trap. That will keep the kink out.

Us dumb old county boys that live in “fly over country” know how to fix things.


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Sending good vibes your way for a speedy recovery. thanks Craig for the info!


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Thanks for posting, Craig, I read what Alex posted on FB. It seems like it just doesn't end for our Brooks and I'm glad to see they are going after a permanent fix for him. I pray the surgery goes well and he's on his way to recovery soon. Enjoy the dilaudid!

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an smooth operation and a fast recovery!
Take care!

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Hope that the surgery goes perfectly and recovery is a breeze. Listen to 'doc' Craig about the meds!

Thanks a bunch Craig for letting us know.

Wishing better health and better days for all,

Marie who loves kitties

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Been wondering where you were these past several days. Gosh, if it is not one thing it is another. Good luck with the surgery and that they get everything straightened out and working.

Thinking of you and the family - Tina

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tina dasilva
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Brooks get well soon my prayers are with you

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Brooks - How many times do I have to tell you to stop being so kinky!! Yer too old for this.

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ahhh thanks Craig....I am so sorry to hear this Brooks....

lets get this "straightened out" and come back to be with us

many hugs


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All the best, Brooks, for a speedy recovery.

At my 3rd surgery, I told my dr if he thought he'd be going back in, he'd better put in a zipper. I'm tired of this incision stuff. Maybe that would work for you?

Heal quickly and well,

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Sending you good vibes. Having just went through an obstruction again myself, I know how much they suck. Glad they have a plan to fix the problem. And as Craig and the others have said, enjoy the dilauded buzz. It's my drug of choice for pain management when in the hospital. Get well soon and be obstruction free. Also, thanks for the update Craig.


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Hey Brooks you aren't supposed to be doing that you know - going to the hospital without our permission :) All kidding aside, I'm sorry that you are having problems again. What a bummer. Hoping that the surgery will correct this and you will feel much better and be back home soon so you can post again. Good luck on the surgery and wishing you a speedy recovery.


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I am sorry to hear you are in the hospital. I hope they fix your kink once and for all + you feel better soon.

thanks for the heads-up, Craig.

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Hang in there, Brooks. We are rooting for you and waiting to see you back on the board.


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Get well soon. We are praying for you.
Linda and El

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Hey Brooks, I'm so sorry to hear that you're in the hospital. Take care of yourself, Big Hugs, Cynthia

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Thanks for posting this, Craig.
Brooks- we're all thinking of and praying for you!
Hope all goes well and I'll expect to hear good news soon.

Lisa :)

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Thanks for the news,I'll be praying he gets better soon.

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Prayers that all is well with Brooks..DH is in hopspital too, with the same problem..hernia right by his ileo. Surgeon will let us know tommorow if they are going to just fix the hernia or fix the hernia and a reversal...I hope it is the latter.

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I'm sorry hubby is having problems. Seems that it's pretty common with semicolons. I have a parastomal hernia too that is a real pain and I had just sort of learned to work it and now that I'm having chemo it's become a real problem again. Hope your hubby get to have both his hernia and the reversal. Good luck!

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Brooks, I'm so po'd for you that you are dealing with this. Prayers and Positive Healing Thoughts Lifted for you



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Praying that all goes well for Brooks. Thanks for letting us know. Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Take care everyone & God Bless.

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hope you're doing well.

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Thanks Craig, look forward to you update
Brooks, hope they get the kinks out and you are feeling better. You really have had a time with this!
Will be thinking about you.

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I hope you are feeling better!! Get well soon.

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wishing you a speedy recovery. God Bless. Petrina

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Brook, Hope the surgery went well. Hope you have a smooth and speedy recovery. - Lucy

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We all miss ya here..........Love ya, Buzz

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Looks like your reversal has been one big pain in the ***...Get well fast and get home where you belong.......steve

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Paula G.
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I hope all goes well for him. I am not on the board much anymore. Thanks for the update. Tell him we are thinking of him. Paula

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Hang in there, hopefully yuou"ll be back on your feet real soon


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Thanks for the update.
Winter Marie

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I'm glad to hear he's okay. Sorry about all that pain!


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Thanks for the update, Craig! Brooks get well soon!

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God Bless you Brooks many prayers coming your way.
We know you're going to be just fine. Can't wait until your back onboard to give us more smiles and laughs. Miss you Bud. Hugs.

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Get the hell out to hospital as soon as you can.
Sending you many pooping sparks. Poop Brooks Poop.

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Our hearts and prayers are with you Brooks!
Get Well soon~

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