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Both Parents have cancer right now

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I found out 2 weeks ago my dad has pancreatic cancer, he came home from the hospital yesterday after surgery and will have chemo in a few months. My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in october 2009 and has had 2 surgerys and chemo also. My mom was doing well for awhile and now her count is going back up, and she has not gone back to the doctor since she got that news. My dad on the other hand is in high spirits and ready to recover although he just had surgery. Finding out my mom has cancer was painfull, made me question alot of things including my beliefs, life and people in general. Now that both my parents have cancer, i cant seem to accept it this time. it seems unreal. they are both in their eairly 40's. im in my late 20's they seem so young. i want to ask why them, why now, but i will never get that answer. Its hard to talk about without feeling overwhelmed with emotion. Knowing something as serious as this makes you feel empty.

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They are YOUNG!! Cancer does not discriminate and it completely SUCKS!!!! You are dealing with a lot, I hope you find some support for you so that you can get through these times the best you can.

I lost my mother on 9/23 and mother in law on 10/24. So I know to some degree what you are going through dealing with 2 at once.

Be good to yourself....we will all keep you in our thoughts..

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It's true, they are young but maybe youth will be on their sides! Especially if they caught your Dad's pancreatic cancer early enough for surgery, then that is a good sign. My husband was 52 and diagnosed way too late to do much of anything, so I hope and pray that the outcome for both of your parents is good. Keep your faith and hope. I will pray for your family...try to keep your spirits up and stay positive!

Blessings, Gayle

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I am so sorry.. this really sucks.. it really does. They are way too young and you are way to young to have this burden. Here I was feeling sorry for myself, lost both my parents, my Dad was 69 when he passed (lung disease) and my mom passed away at 79 last year, uterine cancer. It might help your mom to post on the ovarian cancer board. It's not easy, but you'll get thru it.
Hugs and prayers,

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