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Whipple Surgery/Pancreatic Duodectomy

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We would like to talk to anyone who has Underwent a Whipple proceedure. My Wife had one 3 years ago and it has wrecked her. Today we learned that the proceedure was "Premature" given the type and stage of Cancer she had.

Please call 706-367-2803. Ask for Eric or Shannon

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I am so sorry to know your wife is suffering 3 years after a whipple surgery, but the fact that she is alive today is hopeful.
I had the whipple surgery on 5/25/10 for ampullary cancer, with spread to only one lymph node. I have reached full recovery 6 months post op and feeling quite well. I did have 6 weeks of oral chemo and radiation which did did give some discomfort.
check cancercompas site, there are many whipple patients with various types of cancer, example...pancreatic, bile duct, liver, many of those participating have had problems and may be able to offer advice and comfort for your wife.
regarfds, Ray

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Hi, I had surgery eight years ago. No chemo/radiation follow up. If you or your wife want to post a few questions here, I will share my experience. Whipple is a very difficult surgery for sure. I hope things improve for your wife soon.

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