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Primary Liver cancer

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My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer on his birthday in March of 2010. The doctor reports were ambiguous from the beginning. Initially the doctors told us it has spread but upon confirmation that the cancer was contained in the liver, my dad became eligble for liver surgery. this surgery was performed at Sloan Kettering. My dad's liver cancer was severe because he has cirrosis and hepatitis c therefore we were shocked n excited that the surgery was a choice for him. In june 2010 my dad went through the surgery. Immediately after surgery the day of, the surgeon informed me that he "saw a lot more cancer than he had expected." This was surprising because right before my dad was wheeled in a physicians assistant stated that Sloan did the most comprehensive and accurate testin. nevertheless, my dad took the surgery like a champ. He is 73 years old and he has other illnesses working against him. I always wondered if surgery causeing the cancer to spread was a myth. Although many people and doctors told me know, I believe it to be true: reason being my dads liver cancer has now spread outside of the liver. During surgery the surgeon performed radio frequency ablation and he removed two of the tumors he also said that removing the others would have risked my dad's life on the table. Sloan ketterin informed my dad that he had 4-6 months to live and they sent him to the oncologist who in turn directed my dad back to the oncologist he was originally with but he had left because they prescribed him nexavar and told him wish for the best. My dad has been on Nexavar for several weeks his only complaints are diarreha and fatigue and recntly high blood pressure. The doctors say don't worry keep taking the medicine. This is emotionally frustrating. People who do not know when death is coming are better off not knowing. Before the surgery my dad was on the Nexavar for a couple of weeks and he had a lot of bleeding he was also yellow (jaundice) from the cancer but the yellowish color went away after surgery. Only God knows when it is a persons time to go. My dad was diagnosed in March and it has been 7 months and he is going strong he is determined to hold on, God bless him. We were optimistic before the surgery because we were informed that the result would be a significant prolonging of his like possibly years.

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I'm so sorry that your dad is going through such a tough time. My dad also has lung cancer. He's had three TACE procedures,but they do not recommend any more. The oncologist had him on 800 mg Nexavar. He was doing well for about a month and when he woke up there would be blood in the corner of his mouth and sometimes he would spit up blood. They lowered the dose to 400mg and he was okay and when they upped it to 600 he started waking up with the blood in his mouth again. Is this something that your father went through?

Dad was diagnoised in August 2009 and up until the last few months he's been doing pretty good. We can see him going downhill pretty quickly now and it breaks my heart.

Will keep your family in my thoughts.


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My mom has HCC she got diagnosed with liver cancer few months ago. Started Nexavar, no side effects initially but now she has a few amongst other is blood spit ups in the mornings. As of this week the Doc has asked her to get off the tablet, and has started her on K vitamin shots they will see her after few days, hope they dont stop it all together.

Whta does the blood spit up indicate???

praying for her.

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Have either of your doctors done an endoscopy to check for the bleeding? My husband had blood in his stool this past summer. They did an endoscopy and said there was blood oozing so they treated it. He had to have two more but has had not problems since. he is waiting to have a Therasphere treatment to put him active back on the transplant list. Best of luck to you and your loved ones.

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She stopped nexavar and got whole bunch of tests done in that they have discovered jaundice over and above the cancer. So now she is off nexavar, and is going to be hospitalized for jaundice observation, since they cant give her any medicines now for some time. lets hope for the best.
Any one with similar experience please share any info you may have.

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