Yanni and "Movember"

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I, like many other men that are cancer victims / survivors have wondered why there is not more awareness about men's cancer....specifically prostate cancer.

Today I received email from the Yanni organization that reminded me that indeed the month of November is men's cancer awareness month and that the great music Icon Yanni is involved. Learn more about "Movember" here: http://us.movember.com/?home and then see what Yanni is doing for it here: www.Yanni.com . It sure feels good to know there is growing awareness about men's cancer and the strong voice that has joined "Movember".

Thank you Yanni!!


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    Go Movember!
    I have a group that supported a fun raiser last November in my "honor." I posted a link to a video clip from Movenber about beating up on prostate cancer but that link and posting got pulled which was something I never understood. If ever there was a justified use of violence it would be to beat up on cancer of any type.

    I never liked the ribbons for men- sort of sissie-fied to me. I thought the man's symbol should have been or should be a Mohawk war club, pin size of course.
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    Brought to you by Movember!!
    When first Dx with pc I fund this video clip and must have watched it over 50 times:

    I still love watching this clip. I hope it doesn't gete pulled this time. Enjoy and remember beat life out of Pc!!