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Sue's Fish

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Hey Sue,

Love the new pic. Not being a fisherman, what kind of fish are they and can they be eaten? All I know about fish is what I can eat, but that is a FABULOUS picture! Love it!

How are you doing after your 4th?

My grandson is standing next to me with his Woody toy (Toy Story) being cuter than any 3 year old can possibly be. (But I have to stop typing now.)


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I would agree with Tom ~ that is a wonderful picture! Hope all is well and have a great, safe and memorable Veteran's Day!

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Hi Tom,
These two fish are spring salmon weighing about 12 to 14 pounds each, and "YES"..they are delicious. Bright red meat and oh so yummy! They are so much fun to catch and really give you a work out getting them in to the boat. The biggest springer I've caught was 32 pounds and my biggest fall Chinook salmon weighed 65 pounds..(took me 45 minutes to get in the boat). This picture was taken in May 2010 about 2 weeks before my yearly physical when my doctor first mentioned the possibility of me having cancer. Steve and Josh are leaving tomorrow for a three day fishing trip to catch winter run steelhead. I don't do the winter fishing...just spring, summer and fall. I definetely plan to continue fishing with my guys in the spring...remission or no remission! I'm keeping this picture posted to remind me that I "WILL" be fishing again. I'm feeling ok, but can't seem to perk up like I usually do by this time after treatment. Had a low grade fever this morning, but it's back to normal now. Steve got me some new papaer back books out at Costco and a couple of new release movies to watch while he's gone, so I plan to chill out and be peaceful for the next few days. Hope all is going ok for you without the prednisone. Funny how that med works so differently for us. Take care Tom and thanks for commenting on the picture. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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I don't know a tuna from a bass but it looks like fun. You look really content holding those fish. Really like the pic. Yea, good idea to keep it on there for a while. I know how you feel about not bouncing back too. It was like clockwork the first 3 rounds and then all of a sudden you say to yourself,"Whats going on here". I know because I went thru it. It ticks you off when you go all the way to just before the next treatment before you notice you are feeling a little better. Then right back in for another round. You will probably have a few and far in between better days but not as many as the first rounds. Savor those good days because they may be gone the next day. They will come back again, but like I was saying they will be few and far in between. Just letting you know they are normal,but still a pain in the A$$ to deal with. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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Awesome pic Sue!!!!!

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